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Oxygen number measurement - LOI

Oxygen number measurement - LOI

The advanced LOI Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber accurately determines the relative flammability of plastics and other materials. It conforms to ASTM D2863 and ISO 4589-1, ISO 4589-2 standards and provides a means for safely determining the relative flammability of materials by measuring the minimum oxygen concentration that will support combustion. The test specimens are burned in a precisely controlled atmosphere of nitrogen and oxygen. The operator adjusts the supply gases and uses the flowmeter readings to calculate the oxygen index.


Other parameters

Dimensions    20”H x 12”W x 12.4”D  
( 50.8cm x 30.5cm x 31.5cm)
Weight   32.5 lbs. (14.7kg)
Gas Requirement Commercial grade or better Nitrogen (N2) and Oxygen (O2)