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Central European Plastics Meeting

We are participating the Central European Plastics Meeting in Budapest. We look forward to seeing you at the conference. Várkert Bazár Budapest, Hungary September 13 to September 14.

Dynisco product catalog

Dynisco Product Portfolio

From breakthrough technology in the industry’s most complete line of sensors to renowned quality and performance in indicators, controls, and analytical instruments Dynisco has demonstrated the skill, experience and know-how that not only deliver the right solution for your unique application, but also provide unparalleled customer support.


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Encoder settings LMI 5000

LMI 5000 Series Capillary Plastometer Digital Encoder Setup Guide.

Coping with Transducer-Crippling Pressure Spikes

Many transducers in fluid power systems fall victim to short-duration pressure overloads– commonly called pressure spikes. If these spikes are severe enough, a permanent, positive zero shift in the transducer's output can occur.After investigating these spikes, we developed a laboratory method for determining the magnitude of the actual pressure spike that caused a specific field failure. The method shows that pressure spikes many times that of nominal system pressure can occur in a system.

Mercury Fill Sensors

A transducer is an electronic device that converts energy from one form to another. In the case of a Dynisco pressure transducer, the process fluid exerts a pressure force on a thin flexible metal diaphragm at the tip of the sensor. This, in turn, stresses a small sensing device called a strain gage. This strain gage then converts the pressure stresses to a low level millivolt signal, which can be further conditioned to yet another signal type.

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