Hammer Union Pressure Transmitters

Model 809 Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter

Model 809 Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter

809 is the version of 09 series with no signal conditioner. A variety of sensor materials and electrical connections are available.


Full Scale Pressure Ranges:
0-5K, 10K, 15K, 20K PSIG (0-345, 689, 1034, 1379 bar)
Combined Accuracy (BFSL):
(Non-Linearity, Hysteresis & Repeatability) ≤± 0.25% FSO
Full Scale Output (FSO):
30 mVC ±1% FSO at 10 V excitation
Zero Balance: 0 Vdc ±1% FSO
Compensated Temperature Range: -20°F to 185°F (-29°C to 85°C)
Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°C)
Storage Temperature Range: -67°F to 302°F (-55°C to 150°C)
Long Term Stability (%FSO): ≤±0.25% FSO per 6 months
Thermal Effect on Zero: ≤±1% FSO per 100°F (37°C)
  Thermal Effect on Span: ≤±1% FSO per 100°F (37°C)


Output Signal:
3 mV/Volt at 70°F (21°C)
Supply Voltage:
10 Vdc nominal (15 Vdc max)
Power Supply Regulation:
Output varies with input (calibrated at 10 Vdc)
Load Impedance: 350,000 Ohms minimum for <0.1% FSO attenuation
Circuit Protection: Varistor protected across the input leads for surges above 34V to 20a. @ 0.02 milliseconds
  Insulation Resistance: ≥100 MegOhms to case ground
  Response Time: ≤2.5 mSec to reach 90% of FSO
  Range Calibration Signal: 100% of FSPR
  Calibration Power: Short pins E & F
  Calibration Signal Accuracy: ≤±0.2% FSO. The exact signal to pressure correlation is provided with each unit
  Bridge Resistance: 10K Ohms nominal
  Standard Electrical Connection: Mates with Bendix P/N PT06E-10-6S or equivalent
  PIN OUTS: PIN A +Power

PIN B -Power

PIN C +Signal

PIN D -Signal

PIN E Calibration

PIN F Calibration

Some models are provided with customer specified wiring. Consult Viatran for exact wiring connections.


Standard Pressure Port:
Male hammer union 2 inch #1502
Pressure Cavity Volume:
0.4 cubic inches
Shock Sensitivity: 100 G’s
Proof Pressure: 1.67 times the FS or 22.5K PSI (1550 bar) for union #1502
30K PSI (2068 bar) for union #2002 whichever is less
Burst Pressure:

≥3 times FSPR, limited by union #1502: 22.5K PSI (1550 bar)


Wetted Materials:

Inconel X-750, heat treated per MR0175-2000

Enclosure Material:

304 stainless steel
Laser etched onto body
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4X
Weight: 5.5 lbs nominal (2.4 kg)



Special range


Special calibration run


CE label


Low cavity volume sensor design


CG379-C-145-2P (Glenair) electrical connector


REC-M-10TP-N-04-16 (Jupiter) connector