High performance pressure transducer

Model 122 Pressure Transmitter

Model 122 Pressure Transmitter

Viatran Model 122 pressure transmitter is designed for applications where space is limited. With a maximum diameter of 7/8", the 122 pressure transducer is designed to fit in the smallest of places with easy installation. 1/8" NPT(M) and (F)options are shown.


Full Scale Pressure Ranges 0-3 thru 0-5000 PSIG, PSIS, 0-15 thru 0-5000 PSIA, 0-15 PSIV

Combined Accuracy (Non-Lineairty, Hysteresis, Zero Repeat)

≤±.12% FSO
  Long-Term Stability ≤±0.1% FSO per 6 months
Response Time ≤5 mSec for 10% to 90% FSO
  Temperature Effect on Zero ≤±1.0% FSO per 100°F (55°C)
  Temperature Effect on Span ≤±1.0% FSO per 100°F (55°C)
Compensated Temperature 32°F to 180°F (0°C to 82°C)
Operating Temperature 40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°C)
Storage Temperature Limit -40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°C


Supply Voltage:
10 Vdc nominal, 15 Vdc max
Power Supply Regulation Effect
≤±0.05% FSO per volt
Output Signal
5 mV/V for 3 to 5 PSI; 10 mV/V all other ranges
  Circuit Protection Output may be short circuited indefinitely. Input polarity may be reversed. Over-voltage protected to 1000 volts <1 mSec duration
  Insulation Resistance <5nS conductance
  Electrical Connection - BH (Standard)

6-pin hermetic, bayonet-syle, 303 SST weld-mounted connector

  Wire Color Codes

Pin A +Power

Pin B -Power

Pin C +Signal

Pin D -Signal

Pin E Case Ground

Pin F No connection


Housing Materials
316 stainless steel
Pressure Connection
316 stainless steel
316 stainless steel
Mounting May be supported by process piping
Identification Laser etched onto body


Proof Pressure:
3 times range (10,000 PSI max)
Burst Pressure:
5 times range (10,000 PSI max)
  Diameter 0.875 inches
  Weight 5 oz


Micro change M12 connector
Special pressure range
Modified output
  DN Improved accuracy (increase in length)
  EA Special calibration run
  NH Customer specified identification
  YH 1/8” NPT (M)
  YI 1/8” NPT (F)
  ZU Direct coupled cable