High pressure transmitters

Model 245 Pressure Transmitter High Range

Model 245 Pressure Transmitter High Range

Viatran's Model 245 High Range pressure sensor is among our most accurate pressure transmitters for industrial test and research applications at higher pressures. Improved accuracies are available, as well as improved temperature performance. 


Full Scale Pressure Ranges:
7500,10K, 15K, 20K, 25K, 30K, 50K, 60K, 75K, 100K PSIA or PSIG 
Nonlinearity (Best Fit Straight Line):
≤±0.06% FSO (≤±0.25% FSO for 100K PSI)
≤±0.03% FSO


Full Scale Output (FSO):

≤±0.06% FSO
5 Vdc at 70°F (21°C) - standard (see options)
Long Term Stability: ≤±0.2% FSO per 6 months
Compensated Temperature Range: 70°F to 170°F (21°C to 76°C)
Process Media Temperature Range: -40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°)
Ambient Operating Temperature Range: -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°)
  Storage Temperature Limits: -40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°C)
Temperature Effect on Zero: ≤±0.01% FSO per 1°F - see options
Temperature Effect on Span: ≤±0.01% FSO per 1°F - see options


Supply Voltage:
9.5 to 40 Vdc at 3.5 mA nominal, 5 mA max
(13 to 40 Vdc for 10 Vdc output option)
Power Supply Regulation:
(13 to 40 Vdc for 10 Vdc output option)
Output Signal:
0 - 5Vdc standard
Load Resistance: 100K Ohms min
Zero Adjustment: ± 10% FSO min
Span Adjustment:

± 10% FSO min

  Calibration Signal: 80% of FSPR, by shorting pins
  Calibration Signal Accuracy: ≤±0.1% of the stated value
  Circuit Protection: Input polarity may be reversed. Output may be short-circuited indefinitely Over voltage protection to 1000 volts for ≤1 mSec
  Insulation Resistance: ≥ 200 MegOhms to case ground
  Response Time: ≤ 4.0 mSec

Electrical Connection:

Bendix PT02E-10-6P, mates PT06E-10-6S (SR)

Pin Outs:

Pin A + Power
Pin B - Power
Pin C + Signal
Pin D - Signal
Pin E Calibrate
Pin F Calibrate


Wetted Parts
Male hammer union 2 inch #2202
Standard: 0.45 cubic inches
0.3% FSO w/200 ft-lbs torque on union #2202
Identification 1000 g, 0.5 ms half sine wave pulse shall not cause change in calibration


Pressure Connection:
7.5K to 15K PSI (500 to 1000 bar)

20K to 50K PSI (1400 to 3500 bar)

60K to 100K PSI (4000 to 6900 bar)


1/4" - 18 NPT female

1/4" F250-C high pres.tube

5/16" F312-C high pres. tube

Proof Pressure:
7.5K to 15K PSI (500 to 1000 bar)

20K to 100K PSI (1400 to 6900 bar)

1.5 times range or 20K PSI (1400 bar) max

1.2 times range or 100K PSI (6900 bar) max
Burst Pressure:
7.5K to 20K PSI (500 to 1400 bar)

25K to 100K PSI (1700 to 6900 bar)

3 times range or 40K PSI (2800 bar) max

1.5 times range or 125K PSI (8600 bar) max

Pressure Cavity Volume:

7.5K to 15K PSI (500 to 1000 bar)

10K to 100K PSI (1400 to 6900 bar)

0.32 cubic in (5.2 ml)

0.10 cubic in (1.6 ml)


May be supported by process piping


No Options:

No options