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Digital Scales - Kern PCB

Digital Scales Kern PCB

PRE-TARE function for manual reading of the known weight of the container, useful for checking the amount of filling. 
Freely programmable weighing unit (eg display directly in fiber length g / m or paper weight g / m2, etc.)
Percentage determination: allows weighting to a predefined value (100%) and detection of deviations from this value
Round dust protection as standard for models with weighing plate size A, weighing space ØxV 90x40 mm

KERN PCB 350-3 

KERN PCB 350-3
0,001 g
Max. load:
Max 350 g
  Min. mass one pcs:  0,02 g
  Weighing pan (Ø / WxD) [A] Ø 81 mm
  Linearity: ± 0,005 g
  Settling time: 2 s