Sensors and transducers

Eight-core, shielded cable with threaded Bendix 8pin connector

Eight-core, shielded cable with threaded Bendix 8pin connector

These cables are used to connect Dynisco pressure sensors to a 6-pin connector. The cables provide the electrical connection between the sensors and the indicators or controllers. The kits consist of a Bendix bayonet connector and a six-core shielded cable. The following cable assemblies and cover connector are compatible with Dynisco sensor models: PT460E, PT460XL, PT4624, PT100 Series, PT462E, PT462XL, PT4625, PT465XL, TPT463E, TPT463XL, PT4626, FT444DH, PT467E, PT467XL, TPH4644, FTT4644, FT TPT4636, PT4674, PT4675, PT4676, EPR Series, MRT Series, DYN-X, DYN-X-TC, IPX / PX18X Series (6-pin connectors, non-FM version)

Cable Assemblies 

Cable Length (meters)
Part Number
Bendix PT06A-10-6S(SR) Konektor
Bendix PT06A-10-6S(SR) Konektor
  Bendix PT06A-10-6S(SR) Konektor 12 929022
  Bendix PT06A-10-6S(SR) Konektor 18 929024
  Bendix PT06A-10-6S(SR) Konektor 24 929025
  Bendix PT06A-10-6S(SR) Konektor 30 929026

Transducer Mating Connector Only 

Part Number
Bendix PT06A -10 - 6S (SR) 6 Socket, Cable Mount

Additional Cables And Connectors 

Part Number
6 - Socket Twist Lock Connector Bendix. PTO2W - 10 6S (SR) or
Equivalent Weather Tight Connector Mates with PT1H - 10 - 6P (SR)
Hermetically Sealed Connector Reference Option B314
Cable Mounted 8 - Pin Connector
Cable Mounted 6 - Pin Connecter 711170
Threaded DIN Connector, DIN 681/090026097 Mates with PT449, DPS732 712000
Panel Mounted 8 - Pin Connector 710180
Panel Mounted 6 - Pin Connector 711160
Type J Thermocouple, Female Connector Only  753000
Type J Thermocouple, Male Connector Only  753001
Type K Thermocouple, Female Connector Only  753007
Type K Thermocouple, Male Connector Only   753008
Teflon-Coated Cable, 6 - Conductor for High Temperature Applications 800005
1' Cable Assembly, Adapts PT462 to PT422 Connector and Wiring  800860
1' Cable Assembly, Adapts PT422 to PT462 Connector and Wiring  800861
20' Cable Assembly with 6 - Pin Bendix Connector for MTX Models with a Type J Thermocouple or B Output Options 929125
20', Weather - Tight, 6 Conductor Cable Assembly, 711610 Connector on One End, Stripped Wires on Other End 801850
Armored, 6 Conductor, 20' Cable Assembly with PT460 Mating Connector 912221
Armored, 6 Conductor, 20' Cable Assembly with PT420 Mating Connector 912228