Process Indicators

Mechanical pressure gauge PG 4-row

PG4 Series

Dynisco's series of mechanical pressure indicators is the ideal choice for applications that require simple and maintenance-free pressure indication. The polymer pressure is sensed by a diaphragm that is installed in the process orifice of the machine. In the fixed bar configuration, the display can be rotated 300 ° for a seamless overview. For applications with high temperatures or limited installation space, pressure gauges with a flexible capillary are available to keep the meter away from the process and radiant heat. Configurations that simultaneously sense temperature using thermocouples or RTD are also available.

PG4 Series

PG4 Series

Performance characteristics:


Combined error:
± 2% of sensor range
Zero setting:
7.5% of sensor range
Maximum pressure:
1.5x sensor range
  Rotation angle of the display: 270°
Thermocouple: Typ J (Standard)

Temperature and mechanical properties:


Maximum membrane temperature:
Maximum head temperature:
Case material:
Stainless steel with safety glass
  Mounting torque: 500 inches / pound. maximum
  Weight: 2-3 pounds. depending on the configuration
  Standard soaked parts: TiN coated 15-5 PH SST



Certification Approval


EU Declaration of Conformity

ISO 9001:2015

EAC - The Eurasian Conformity mark