Hazardous location transmitters

Model 948 Pressure Transmitter

Model 948 Pressure Transmitter

948 is Viatran's low pressure HART® transmitter with hazardous location approvals. Applications include fuel tank level, gas compressors, chemical processing.


  Full Scale Pressure Ranges 0-3 thru 0-5K PSIA, PSIG, PSIS
  Turndown 10:1 with no degradation on static accuracy or thermal effect
Combined Accuracy (Non-Linearity, Hysteresis, Repeatability) ≤±0.2% FSI
Total Performance <±0.1% /span/±50°F
  Thermal Effect Over operating range: <0.35% at 1:1 -30°F to 185°F
Full Scale Output (FSO) 16 mA ± 0.1% FSO
Operating Temperature Range -40° F to 185° F
Non-Operating Temperature Range -65° F to 250° F
Digitally compensated at 6 points from -30° F to 185° F


Supply Voltage:
11.5 VDC min with 230 Ohms load
Power Supply Regulation Effect
±0.02% FSO per Volt
Output Signal
Two wire 4 to 20 mA. Digital process signal super-imposed on a 4-20 mA signal, available to any host computer system conforming to HART protocol.
  Load Impedance 230 Ohms to 1,100 Ohms for HART communication
Circuit Protection Reverse polarity protected.
Insulation Resistance > 200 MegOhms between all terminals in parallel and at the transmitter case.
Electrical Connection 1/2" NPT Male, 3 Wires, 18AWG, 72"L
  RFI /EMI Negligible effect to 500 Mhz at
Wire Color Codes

Red  + Signal

Black  - Signal

Green  Case Ground


316 stainless steel
Wetted Materials
316 stainless steel
  Shock Limitation 100 G’s
Laser etched into body
  Mounting May be mounted by process piping, electrical con-duit, or optional mounting bracket to 2" pipe.


Pressure Connection:
1/4" NPT(F)
Proof Pressure:

0-3 thru 0-500
3 times or 1,200 PSI, whichever is less

0-750 thru 0-5000
3 times or 10,000 PSI, whichever is less

Burst Pressure:

0-3 thru 0-500
5 times or 2,400 PSI, whichever is less

0-750 thru 0-5000
5 times or 10,000 PSI, whichever is less

Weight 24 oz. ±3 oz.


Extra lead length
  DF Bleed port (10K PSI and below)s
  DQ Oxygen cleaning
EA Special calibration
  NG ATEX Flameproof label
  NH Customer specified CE label
  NK ATEX Intrinsic Safety/Nonincendive label
  NX CSA Intrinsic Safety label
  NY FM Explosion Proof /Dust Ignition Proof label
  NZ FM Nonincendive label
  TF FM Intrinsic Safety label
  TJ CSA Div/Zone 2 label
  TK ATEX Type N Label
  YI 1/8" NPT(F)
  YM 1/4" high pressure tube F250-C
  YN 3/8" NPT(F)
  YR 1/2" NPT(F)
  YS 3/8" high pressure tube F375-C