High pressure transmitters

Model RM570 Pressure Transmitter

Model RM570 Pressure Transmitter

All welded construction and stainless steel surfaces makes the RM570 ideal for harsh environments. Viatran's rugged pressure transmitters are designed to withstand heat, vibration, pressure spikes and EMI/RFI caused by the the surrounding equipment.

All Viatran Rolling Mill units are built and configured to order with a choice of four pressure ranges,ensuring you have the best solution for your application.


  Full Scale Pressure Ranges 0-100 Bar (0-1450 psi)
0-150 Bar (0-2175 psi)
0-250 Bar (0-3625 psi)
0-350 Bar (0-5076 psi

Static Error Band

≤±0.25% FSO typical (Includes BFSL, Hysteresis and Repeatability by RSS)
Full Scale Output (FSO) 4-20 mA (16 mA FSO)
  Zero and Span Balance ±1% FSO
Response Time <2 mSec to reach 90% FSO
Temperature Effect on Zero ≤±1% FSO per 100°F (55.5°C)
  Temperature Effect on Span ≤±1% FSO per 100°F (55.5°C)
Compensated Temperature 70°F to 170°F (21°C to 76°C)
Operating Temperature -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Storage Temperature Limit -65°F to 185°F (-53°C to 85°C)


Supply Voltage:
12 to 30 Vdc
Power Supply Regulation Effect
≤±0.02% FSO per Volt
Output Signal
4 - 20 mA
Bridge Impedance 5000 Ohms nominal
Circuit Protection Varistor protected across the input leads for surges above 40 V and currents to 250 Amps peak with a pulse width of 8x20 μSecs. Reverse polarity protected.
Insulation Resistance >200 MegOhms to case ground
Electrical Connection - BH (Standard)

6-pin hermetic, bayonet-style, 303 SST weld mount connector

Pin Outs (standard) Consult engineering for alternative configuration
Wire Color Codes

Pin A +Power/Signal

Pin B No Connection

Pin C -Power/Signal

Pin D No Connection

Pin E No Connection

Pin F No Connection


15-5 PH and 316 stainless steel
Wetted Parts
15-5 PH stainless steel
Shock Limitation
100 G’s
  Weight 17 oz. (0.482 kilograms) typical
  Identification Laser etched onto body
  Enclosure Classification IP68


Pressure Connection:
G 1/2A BSP(M) with Bleed Port*
G 1/2A BSP(M) without Bleed Port
G 1/4B BSP(M) without Bleed Por
Proof Pressure:
Up to 4 times FSPR (1378 Bar* (20,000 psi),whichever is less
Burst Pressure:
≥ 6 to 10 times FSPR dependent on sensor, consult engineering for details
Mounting Supported by process piping or optional mounting bracke
Identification Laser etched onto body