PT Series

PT303 Pressure sensor

PT303 Pressure sensor

The Dynisco PT303 pressure transmitter is designed for all pressure applications in potentially explosive atmospheres. With high performance and a wide range of pressures, it offers trouble-free operation and flexibility to suit all your requirements.

PT303 Pressure sensor

PT303 Pressure sensor


Pressure range:
0-110 psi až 0-700 psi
± 0,25% FSO, (Včetně linearity, opakovatelnosti a hystereze)
Overload capacity:
2x celkový rozsah snímače
  Sensor diaphragm: 15-5 SS
  Sensor connection: 1/2-14 NPT, TYPICAL
  Mounting torque: 25 Nm - 55 Nm


Max. membrane temperature:
Zero shift (due to temperature):
Zavisle na rozsahu
  Max. sensor body temperature: 80°C
  Zero shift (due to temperature) Zavisle na rozsahu
  Displacement sensitivity (due to temperature) Zavisle na rozsahu


Power supply::
± 12 Vdc for explosion-proof units approved
FM 28 Vdc
Output signal:
4-vodičové 0-5 Vdc
  FM approval: Třída 1, skupina 1 skupiny A, B, C & D
  Resistance calibration (R-Cal): 80% of duty. range ± 0.50% of the total range



Certification & Approval

EU Declaration of Conformity

ISO 9001:2015

EAC - The Eurasian Conformity mark 

GOST Approval 

RoHS Compliance Fact Sheet

Safety Integrity Level - SIL2