Hazardous location transmitters

Model 548 Pressure Transmitter

Model 748 Pressure Transmitter

748 has hazardous location approvals, optional zero and span adjustment and can measure pressures as low as 1.5 psi. Compound ranging, negative outputs, a variety of pressure and electrical connections are examples of options that are available to customize the 748 to your exact requirements


  Full Scale Pressure Ranges 0-3 thru 0-5000 PSIG, PSIS
0-15 thru 0-5000 PSIA
.0-15 PSIV
Linearity (Best Fit Straight Line) ≤ ±0.25%
"DN" Option- Improved Linearity ≤ ±0.1%
Hysteresis ± 0.05% FSO
  Repeatability ± 0.05% FSO
Full Scale Output (FSO) 16 mA ±1%
Zero Balance ≤ ±1% FSO
  LongTerm Stability ≤±0.25% FSO per 6 months
Response Time ≤ 1 mSec to reach 90% FSO
Temperature Effect on Zero ≤±1% FSO per 100°F (37°C)
Temperature Effect on Span ≤±1% FSO per 100°F (37°C)
Compensated Temperature 32°F to 180°F (0°C to 82°C)
  Operating Temperature -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
  Storage Temperature Limit -40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°C)
  * For PSIV and Compound Range units: Temperature Effect on Zero ≤±3.0% per 100°F
Compensated Temperature Range 32°F to 170°F (0°C to 77°C


Supply Voltage:
9.0 to 30 Vdc
Power Supply Regulation Effect
≤±0.05% FSO per Volt
Output Signal
4 - 20 mA
Load Resistance 12 Vdc min with 150 ohm and 30 Vdc max with 1050 ohms
Circuit Protection Output may be short-circuited indefinitely. Input polarity may be reversed. Over voltage protected to 1000 volts. <1 msec duration.
Insulation Resistance <5nS Conductance
Electrical Connection

1/2" NPT (M), 18 AWG wire, 72" long

Wire Color Codes

Red +Power/Signal

Black -Power/Signal

Green Case ground

White No Connection

Brown No Connection


Enclosure Housing
304 and 316 stainless steel
Wetted Parts
316 Stainless Steel
10 oz.


Pressure Connection:
1/4" - 18 NPT Female 1/4" - 18 NPT Female (0-3.3 thru 0-1034 bar
Proof Pressure:
<=500 PSI lesser of 3x or 1200 PSI
>=500 PSI lesser of 5x or 10K PS
Burst Pressure:
<=500 PSI lesser of 5x or 2400 PSI
>=500 PSI lesser of 5x or 10K PS
Mounting May be supported by pressure connection
Identification Laser etched onto body