Based on many years of experience, we offer a range of services related to our products.

Technical support | assistance

Never waste time looking for solutions again! With our fast and efficient technical support, we're here for you whenever you need us. We offer service and technical support within 48 hours of reporting an issue. Our experienced technicians are usually able to solve the problem directly on-site, but if the situation doesn't allow it, they're equipped with replacement equipment that can be quickly exchanged for malfunctioning or damaged ones.
With us, you have several options for technical support, including remote setup and configuration. We're here for you anytime you need us and we're happy to help you with any technical questions you may have. Whether you prefer a phone call, video call, shared screen, email, or even virtual reality, we're here for you. Before contacting our support, have your product's serial number ready, and we'll take care of the rest. With us, you won't have to spend hours solving technical problems - we'll take care of it for you!

Presentation | testing

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity for a free demonstration of all our products right at your premises. We firmly believe that the key to success lies in complete customer satisfaction, which can be achieved by allowing customers to see how our products truly work. We are one of the few on the market who provides the opportunity for customers to personally observe how the equipment operates, how it is controlled, and what results it delivers. This enables them to assess whether the device meets their expectations or whether they actually require something entirely different.
This is precisely what we offer you - the chance to familiarize yourself with the proposed technology before purchasing it. Based on our extensive experience, we know that what a customer often thinks they need may differ from the actual investment.

Operator training

With the purchase of our products, we offer comprehensive training for your employees and colleagues. The price includes the technician's arrival, training time, which varies significantly depending on the application, processed materials, and the qualifications of the employees. The training consists of a theoretical part and a practical part, where participants can test the acquired theory in practice and connect the gained information with hands-on experience using the device. An additional service we provide after training is telephone support, which we consider to be part of our customer care. Therefore, if you come across any additional information or need professional advice after the training, we will be happy to help and be fully at your disposal.

Accredited Polymer Test Calibrations

Achieve peak measurement accuracy with calibration from Dynisco! Our top-notch services offer calibration for all models of Dynisco instruments, either at your location or at our company. With our experts, who regularly attend training and obtain certifications directly from Dynisco, you can have confidence and trust in the accuracy of your measurements and the flawless operation of your instruments. Calibration includes checks of mechanical dimensions, temperatures, weights, timers, and other key parameters.
Our technicians not only provide you with the latest information but also possess the knowledge and skills to help you achieve the highest quality of services. Remember, regular calibration is essential for maintaining measurement accuracy and maximum performance of your laboratory instruments. Invest in calibration and ensure reliable and accurate measurements that you can rely on 100%. Become a leader in your field thanks to first-class accuracy!

Checks and calibration of pressure sensors

Pressure sensors are a crucial element in many manufacturing processes, and their proper functionality is essential to achieve high product quality. Regular disassembly and inspection of the sensors are necessary to identify potential issues and prevent disruptions to the production process. A malfunctioning sensor can provide false data, which can strain the production line, oversize the product, and cause inefficient handling of polymer materials. This has an adverse effect on the overall product quality and can result in loss of time and financial resources. Therefore, it is essential to have your sensors regularly checked and calibrated by technicians who have the expertise to ensure accuracy and ensure smooth operation of your production and maximum quality of the end product.

Installation of systems and equipment

If you have concerns about the installation, we would be pleased to offer you the option of having our experienced technicians come to your location, who will take care of the professional connection and provide thorough instruction to your staff on how to properly handle the equipment and ensure everything operates according to your expectations. Installation is a crucial and often overlooked aspect for the proper functioning of the entire system.

Our company is committed to providing services for the trouble-free operation of Dynisco equipment throughout its production life. Our collaboration with you can begin as early as the selection stage of polymer technology suppliers, through a presentation directly at your facility. Subsequently, we will professionally install the equipment and train your employees. Training for the new equipment is free of charge and will last as long as necessary.

As part of the regular operation of Dynisco products, we will ensure regular maintenance, professional calibration in cooperation with an accredited metrology laboratory, and conducting ITT measurements. In case of any problems or questions, we are ready to assist you through our online support, which is available to both new and existing customers.