An overview of the warranties that Dynisco provides for its products and the warranties that Azurr-Technology provides to its customers.

If you want to complain about the product, contact us by phone +420 571 647 228, or + 420 571 647 310, where we will tell you more details and procedure.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects that appear during normal operation. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the recognition of a complaint in the event of mechanical damage, unprofessional installation or improper use. The degree of damage is assessed by the production plant in Germany, if you accept the request, you will receive a new device. Examples of pressure sensor defects and their most common causes can be found in the following photographs.

We always try to handle complaints in the shortest possible time in order to prevent production downtime. Contact us and together we will find a solution that will allow you to minimize negative impacts in the event of a sudden failure.