Presentation & Testing

We offer the possibility of presenting laboratory instruments directly to the customer on his materials. Thanks to this service, you can better imagine what the technology requires, what the measurement procedures are and how to deal with the provided results.

Presentation of laboratory equipment

Don't be caught off guard. Our exclusive service includes a personal visit, installation of the device with all necessary components and accessories, and a demonstration of its functionality. Our experts will introduce you to the testing process, clarify key terminology, and provide essential information for efficient operation of the device.

We will show you how to properly use the equipment, what materials are required for testing, how long the test takes, and how to work with the provided results. With this information, you will be able to assess whether the control and user interface of the device are suitable for you. Based on your requirements, we are prepared to recommend and offer the optimal device configuration for the highest efficiency of your work.

The presentation offers the advantage of a broader context, the opportunity to ask questions, and practical explanations with demonstrations.

We are confident that the provided information will be of benefit to you. If you have specific questions regarding the presentations, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Information on plastometer presentations:

+420 571 647 310
+420 571 647 228

Request for presentation of laboratory equipment

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