Rupture Disks

BP420 - Burst plugs

The Model BP420 burst plugs are designed specifically for use in plastic extrusion systems. The Model BP420 will instantaneously rupture at a specific, predetermined pressure and temperature. Each one piece assembly consists of a 304 stainless steel body with a welded Inconel rupture disk. May be specified for primary relief in applications where pressure build-up can occur so rapidly that the response time of a relief valve is inadequate, such as in a polymerization reaction vessel.

Welded Assembly

Inconel Disk

Pressure Range

±10% Accuracy

Low Leakage

Process Insights


BP520 - Burst plugs with indication

The BP520 series of pressure fuses have a "pop-up" indicator cap. A fine conductor passes through the construction of the fuse and the indicator cover of the part, which, when the fuse is activated or by emergency release of pressure, pushes out the fuse cover and thus disconnects (ruptures) the tested conductor.

Welded Assembly

Threaded Body

Rupture Disk

Up to 300°C

Iconel Disk

1000 - 15000 PSI

±10% Tolerance

±1% Deviation

Leak Tested

Thread Verification