Large Area Filtration

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Filtration systems and screencangers for industrial applications

Filtration is a process that separates or purifies substances. The mechanical separation processes of Maag filtration systems are physical. The principles are used in filters and screen converters for separating and cleaning plastic melts, chemicals and lubricants. They are also used in recycling, extrusion, rotational molding, in general in industrial applications and in the pharmaceutical and food industries.


Polymer filter system´s for polymer filtration and continuous large area 

MAAG’s duplex polymer filtration system was designed with considerable input from our customers. The result is a patented polymer filter system that offers process benefits such as minimized residence time and improved heat transfer efficiency.The combination of our modeling expertise

Reliable sealing

Improved venting

Better draining

Simplified vessel changeout

Improved accessibility

Safer operation



Polymer application and polymer filtration with filter elements for large areas

MAAG offers high-quality polymer filter elements designed for long term use and multiple cleanings. MAAG can provide standard design polymer application or build to your requirements regarding:

Filter elements designed for individual processes

Optimized polymer flow

Maximized filter area

Lowest possible pressure loss

Designed to retain hard and deformable particles



Polymer filter candles and application for masterbatch and polymer filtration

MAAG multinex polymer filter candles are tailor-made for use in continuously operating dual bolt screen changers of the MAAG CSC-P/C series for polymer filtration.Compared to typical polymer application round screen plates, they increase the active screening area up to 60

Optimized for high viscosities

Reusable candle bodies

Economic perforated sleeve exchange

Screen mesh or metal fiber fleeze

Filter fineness 0.5-500 micron



Discountinuous large area polymer filtration applications for industry and extrusion

MAAG-designed simplex polymer filter systems can be provided with either fixed or removable vessels. A compact preheat station with spare vessel is also available for locating near the polymer processing line for quick changeout. They are custom designed to minimize

Lower cost

Easier operation

No diverter valves

Less space requirements

Minimized pressure drop

Horizontal or vertical design



Screen changer with candle filter elements

MAAG’s CSC-C large scale screen changer with candle filter elements is the right choice if short melt residence time, small footprint and a simplified candle change are required. 

Filter elements

Vertical / horizontal installation

2/4 pistons

Patented design



A Double pistion screenchanger for flitration systems

Large-area screen changers from MAAG are based on the sturdy and proven double-piston screen changer design. The patent-registered curved screen plate provides four times more active screen area than a conventional screen changer with circular screen cavities. The highly compact

Up to 4x more filter area than circular screen cavities

Higher throughput

Multiplied screen life time

Smaller hydraulic unit

Lower melt pressure

Higher filtration fineness

Reduced flux rate kg/h/cm2

Ultra-compact design

Less heating capacity