1. Screenchangers
  2. Large Area Filtration
  3. Backflush
  4. Ettlinger systems

Filtration systems and screencangers for industrial applications

Filtration is a process that separates or purifies substances. The mechanical separation processes of Maag filtration systems are physical. The principles are used in filters and screen converters for separating and cleaning plastic melts, chemicals and lubricants. They are also used in recycling, extrusion, rotational molding, in general in industrial applications and in the pharmaceutical and food industries.


Automtic self cleaning screen changer for polymer extrusion industry and filtration systems 

MAAG backflush automatic self cleaning screen changers are based on the proven double-piston design which operates without any mechanical seals. The screen changers are equipped with four screen cavities. This design is used mainly in recycling applications for filtration systems.

Multiple screen usage

Simple operation and uncomplicated control

High operational reliaility

Short material residence time

Leak-free mode of operation

Low pressure consumption

Flow channel geometry without any dead spots