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Polymer Production Pumps

For more than 100 years, MAAG has been developing and manufacturing pumps at its headquarters in Switzerland. MAAG is proud of its core competence - the development and production of gear pumps for polymers, chemicals and lubricants and filtration systems for the production and processing of plastics. Today, MAAG is one of the world's leading manufacturers of elastomeric extrusion pumps, thermoplastics, extrusion pumps, industrial pumps, chemical pumps and melt pumps for polymer production. Thanks to many years of experience with production and a deep understanding of polymer production and processing processes, gear pumps of all types can be optimally adapted to individual customer requirements. Technical know-how and the ability to respond to specific customer requirements make it possible to achieve the highest possible efficiency for a given industrial process. The maximum service life of MAAG pumps and melting pumps and the minimum downtime are a great guarantee of the successful operation of industrial plants.

Thermorex® TRO/TRP

Polymer transfer pump for liquid polymers, oligomers, and prepolymers

Polymer processes and polymer applications require polymer transfer pumps which will constantly and reliably feed oligomers and prepolymers through the system. The liquid polymer pump design is highly suitable for low viscosity. Thanks to thermorex® TRP and TRO, reactors no longer have to be pressurized. The good efficiency and long service life increase the efficiency of your production plant with polymer transfer pumps from MAAG.

High overall efficiency, minimized friction thanks to pioneering gear and bearing technology

Excellent fill behaviour due to optimized inlet geometries

Optimized flow channels

Low pulsation pumping even at high differential pressures

Completely heated

Compact design

Vacorex⁶ VX

Polymer extraction pump for the polymer processing industry

MAAG introduces the vacorex® x6 class polymer extraction gear pump. vacorex⁶ ideally fulfills modern polymer production processes which require polymer pumps that can discharge at high pressure despite very low fill level and high vacuum conditions in the reactor/devolatilization vessel.

Protected Polymer

XXL Inlet

XXL Feed Section

Small Footprint

Thermal Mastery

thermorex⁶ TR/TB/TP

Booster pump for the polymer industry

Polymer processes require booster pumps and polymer metering pumps that gently process both high and low viscosity plastic melt through the polymer processing system.

High-pressure pump

Different polymers

Long life

Challenging applications

Polyrex⁶ PR

Pressure-increasing polymer metering compounding pump for polymer processing in the polyolefin industry

Processes in the manufacture of polyolefins like polyethylene and polypropylene require high-pressure gear pumps which build up pressure for the units after the compounder, meaning for extrusion and pelletizing. The new performance-driven geometry of the x6 class of polyrex® results

Instant Flexibility

Flow Economy

Flow Economy

Smart Flow

Viscorex® VR

Polymer extraction and transfer pump for polymer applications

Polymer processes in the polymer industry require units that gently discharge low and high-viscosity plastic melts from reactors and degassing equipment. The MAAG polymer extraction pump systems and viscorex® transfer gear pumps feature the excellent fill behaviour and short residence times that make them the ideal solution for such polymer applications. Their high efficiency and long service life will enhance the capacity and availability of your polymer production line. viscorex® transfer gear pumps efficiently convey plastic melts with a constant, precise flow.

Gentle treatment of polymer melts thanks to special gear teeth with low squeezing power

Excellent fill behaviour due to optimized inlet geometries

Optimized flow channels

High overall efficiency and hence minimized friction thanks to pioneering gear and bearing technology

Low pulsation pumping even at high differential pressures

Compact design