Providing Innovative Solutions

With more than 6 decades of commitment to helping customers, Dynisco provides the tools and services for the polymer industry allowing customers a “window into the process”.

Today’s customers require accurate information that will allow them to validate and if necessary adjust their process ensuring the products they make meet or exceed their specifications.  The information Dynisco provides allows our ​customers to keep their process consistent regardless of their global locations.

Dynisco’s diverse portfolio of sensing and polymer test equipment delivers some of the most accurate information available in the market for the measurement of polymer rheology, pressure, and temperature.

Dynisco provides our customers the ability to correlate the data derived from pilot to laboratory environments with online production, 24 hours a day.  This data allows for immediate response and adjustment to critical parameters ensuring any variations are promptly corrected to guarantee quality while maximizing their output.


Dynisco History

Known worldwide for leading-edge pressure and temperature measurement and control products for the plastics extrusion industry, Dynisco has been developing innovative, high-quality solutions for plastics extrusion processing for 60 years built on the expertise of an engineering staff that averages 15-20 years experience.  Dynisco sensors, controls, and analytical instruments have proven to offer better control, reduced downtime, minimum scrap, and unmatched reliability and working life.  Our dedication and ability to collaborate with you to help you measure, analyze and outfit extrusion control systems that fit your exact needs are unmatched.  From breakthrough technology in the industry’s most complete line of sensors to renowned quality and performance in indicators, controls, and analytical instruments.  

Dynisco Sensors Designed specifically for the rugged environment of the plastic industry, Dynisco has developed some of the most innovative measurement solutions for plastic extrusion, molding and process control applications.  Manufacturing a wide range of robust mV/V, mA, VDC and HART-compatible melt pressure sensors, through engineering excellence built on expertise and experience.

Dynisco Analytical Instruments Process quality begins with the material being used. Dynisco's analytical instruments allow the processor to verify material specifications and optimize process conditions. These instruments include melt flow 

[Dynisco Heilbronn Germany Facility]

indexers, capillary rheometers, and small laboratory mixing extrusion systems. Dynisco also offers the most comprehensive and accurate line of online rheometers available in the market today.

Dynisco offers a full range of global service and technical support for our complete line. Dozens of highly skilled, technical support personnel are stationed internationally to provide:

  • Expert consultation 
  • Custom design solutions 
  • On-site equipment diagnostics and trouble-shooting 
  • Transducer repair and maintenance ∙ Installation services 
  • Operator training for equipment ∙
  • System repairs, replacement parts, preventive maintenance and more

Customers around the world have come to depend on Dynisco for product innovation and advanced system solutions that have a significant impact on their manufacturing process efficiencies.



Eight-core, shielded cable with threaded Bendix 8pin connector

These cables are used to connect Dynisco pressure sensors to a 6-pin connector. The cables provide the electrical connection between the sensors and the indicators or controllers. The kits consist of a Bendix bayonet connector and a six-core shielded cable.

Six-core cable

Shielded cable

Bayonet connector



Adapters Button Seal

Process adapters are an accessory to all pressure and temperature sensors, allowing a 1 / 2-20 UNF (Unified National Fine nt) melt pressure sensor to be installed in the mounting port using a flange. The use of the flange is compatible with all sensors of the given dimensions and all manufacturers. Each adapter and sealing elements are made to order depending on the dimensions and mounting port. Flange extensions are available as one-piece constructions or detachable threaded connections. The design of the flange is specific to the one used and depends on the dimensions, thickness and diameter of the mounting screws.

Adaptation of any 1 / 2-20 UNF pressure sensor to the process flange adapter
Can be used with all Dynisco sensors

The flanges can be supplied in one piece, with a thread or a combination of thread and weld
Custom production


Transducer Mounting Hole Machining Tool Kit

The Dynisco Transducer Mounting Hole Machining Tool Kit contains all of the necessary drills and taps to prepare a standard 1/2 - 20 UNF transducer mounting hole and the 45 degree seat. All tools included in this kit are made of premium grade, high strength tool steel. Care should be taken in the use of proper speeds and feeds, lubricants, and a method to assure continual alignment of each progressing tool. M10 and M18 kits are also available.

Thread repair

Prevents damage to the sensor

Maintenance prevention

Leak removal


Transducer Mounting Hole Cleaning Tool Kit

Installation of transducers into improperly cleaned or sized holes is one of the major causes of damage to these instruments. With this kit, the .312" tip diameter hole, the 45 degree seating surface, and the .451" hole can be cleaned. The kit includes a gauging plug which is used to verify that the hole has been correctly machined and cleaned. M10 and M18 cleaning kits also available.

Thread cleaning

Prevents damage to the sensor

Maintenance prevention

Melt removal


MiniGran - Laboratory Granulator

MiniGran is a laboratory granulator designed for granulation of smaller plastic parts. Thanks to its compact dimensions, this granulator can be placed almost anywhere and is therefore very suitable for laboratory applications. The granulator is suitable for all types of plastics, thanks to the low rotor speed, plastic materials are processed into high-quality recycled material with low dust content.

Compact dimensions

Laboratory version

Low consumption

Chevron knives

Noise elimination

Interchangeable sieves

Hole size 3-5mm


Oxygen number measurement - LOI

The modern LKČ chamber for measuring the oxygen limit number precisely determines the relative flammability of plastics and other materials. Complies with ASTMD 2863, ISO 4589-1, ISO 4589-2. The Dynisco LKC chamber enables the safe determination of the relative flammability of materials by measuring the minimum oxygen concentration required for combustion.

Easy operation

Even combustion atmosphere

Double gas flow meters with regulating needle

Double gas pressure gauges (0-100 psi)

Fixed sample holder

Optional smoke density detector


Melt Flow Indexer LMI 4000 Series

The plastometer provides results in the form of MFR, MVR, Melt Density, IV, Shear Viscosity and Shear Rate.

Meets standards:
ASTM D1238 and D3364, ISO 1133, BS 2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210.



Melt Flow Indexer LMI 5000

Simple and intuitive operation. The results are displayed after the measurement on the device display, the possibility to send to a USB device, Printer, or software. All optional melt flow indexer extensions can be retrofitted.

The melt flow indexer provides results in the form of MFR, MVR, Melt Density, IV, Shear Viscosity and Shear Rate.

Meets standards:
ASTM D1238 and D3364, ISO 1133, BS 2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210.

Melt Flow Rate - MFR

Melt Volume Rate - MVR

Flor Rate Ratio - FRR

Intrinsic Viscosity - IV

Melt Density

Shear Viscosity

Shear Rate

USB, Printer, Software


FCR-R - Rheometer

The Dynisco FCR-R Series is specifically designed for the synthetic fiber industry and can be configured to measure the range of apparent shear viscosities, dual melt flow index, and viscosity using the Cogswell equation. The system works with two different or the same capillaries simultaneously.

On-line apparent viscosities at a wide shear rate range

Unique double capillary design with return current

On-line measurement of polymer elongation properties

Data exchange via analog and digital inputs / outputs

Easy calibration

ISO9001 RoHS

CMR IV - Rheometer

Dynisco CMR je speciálně vyvinut pro průmysl termoplastických polymerů a mmůže být konfigurován i pro měření indexu toku taveniny, indexu toku taveniny s vysokým / nízkým zatížením, zdánlivých viskozit nebo provádění dalších požadovaných testů.
Systém CMR se skládá ze dvou částí: hlava reometru připojená přímo k procesu, která sbírá vzorky, podmínky a měření indexu toku polymerní taveniny a RCU (řídící jednotka reometru), která řídí parametry testu CMR (teplota, tlak, rychlost ) a poskytuje výstupy výpočetních výsledků a komunikaci s externím distribuovaným řídicím systémem, pokud je to nutné.

Online measurement

Data export via mA signal or RS232

Customer solutions

The system is also designed for places with a risk of explosion

Vertex® sensors used for high accuracy

Range of dosing pumps for specific applications

Easy calibration

Alarm system

Robust industrial design

ISO9001 RoHS


Specifically designed for the thermoplastics resin industry, the ViscoIndicator provides continuous measurements of the melt flow rate, apparent viscosity, or intrinsic viscosity directly on the extruder.

Connection instead of pressure sensor

Windows ™ 10 IoT

Continuous MFR indication

Continuous indication of shear viscosity

Continuous indication of intrinsic viscosity

Vertex mercury-free sensors

Easy installation

Easy integration

Quick capillary change


PG4 Series

Dynisco's series of mechanical pressure indicators is the ideal choice for applications that require simple and maintenance-free pressure indication.

Direct, local measurement

Mechanical construction

Optional flexible capillary

The indicator head is rotatable by 300°

Pressure range 5000 or 10,000 psi

Stainless steel construction