Wet cut


Underwater pelletizing system for spring pelletizers - M-USG

The M-USG underwater pelletization system has been producing virgin polymers worldwide for decades. The extremely flexible system guarantees a high level of system availability, especially during continuous operation, and meets the highest quality requirements for cylindrical pellets.

Excellent, consistent quality pellets

Outputs up to 20,000 kg / h

Quick-change cutting head

High level of automation

Easy availability

Extremely durable cutting tools



Underwater strand pelletizing system for cost-effective production – P-USG

The P-USG underwater strand pelletizing systems made by MAAG Automatik have been particularly designed for both the production of virgin polymers with lower throughput rates and for recycling applications. The simple design of the strand pelletizing machine stands for engineeringg reduced to the essentials while featuring high process stability and pellet quality.

Consistent outstanding pellet quality

Automatic strand lacing on start-up and during production

Operating speeds up to 250 m/min

Excellent quality of the feed tools and cutting tools

Simple operation



Wet Cut “WS” Series

Waterslide pelletizing system and wet cut strand pelletizing system

The “WS” Series Wet Cut Waterslide pelletizing system and Wet Cut Strand pelletizing system enables you to run a wide variety of materials with little or no operator assistance. Strand conditioning water is used to improve pellet quality by reducing fines.

Custom Built

Superior Service

In-house Engineering Support

Increased Production

Less Floor Space Required