Training & operation

Training for Dynisco product owners. We offer training, consulting and support in the field of testing and continuous monitoring of polymer quality.

Training and service

In addition to the purchased products, we offer the possibility of training for your employees and colleagues. The time required for training varies significantly depending on the application, the equipment used and the qualifications of the employees. The training consists of a theoretical part and a practical part, where it is possible to test the collected theory and connect the acquired information in experience.

A follow-up training service is telephone support, which we call customer service, so even if you come up with additional questions after the training or need professional advice, we will be happy to provide you with assistance.

As training takes place?

The training usually takes place at the customer's place where the device or system is installed. In the case of laboratory instruments, an analytical balance with a minimum accuracy of 0,000 g must be available. In that case, we first focus on the description of the device and the theoretical preparation of the operator. Then we move on to practical teaching where we perform tests, show programming and comparison of measurement results with certificates of polymeric materials. Finally, we teach individual users to work manually with the device to make sure they understand and verify that the operator is working with the system correctly. An important part of the course is also the maintenance and cleaning of the device. The last part of the training is answering all the questions and the final discussion.

When it comes to larger systems such as continuous monitoring of production quality through online systems, teaching and training is more individual and very often depends on the readiness of the system at the customer. Without stable operation, it is not possible to train or operate the system. And the training takes more time than regular laboratory instrument training.           

What is the time required for the training?

The time required for training with laboratory instruments is from 2 to 4 hours. It very much depends on the knowledge of the operators, the processed materials and the equipment of the delivered system. There are systems that are more automatic and the systems are completely manual, and the time required for an automatic system can be very different from a manual system, depending on the skill of the operators. If we do not feel that the customer understands the system or until he can work with it reliably, it is not possible to end the training. The training ends when the training staff is sure that the device is operated correctly and the results are of the desired, meaningful nature.

How to achieve the best results?

It is a laboratory device, ie. it is necessary that the operator who will work with the device understands the context of his work and performs it with the utmost care. If a large number of operators should change between systems, it is appropriate to consider automating the system. Technical support is available to each of our customers, which is able to advise the operator with both technical questions and rheology.

How is the course syllabus created?

Each training is based on the standard for the device. A procedure that is standardized in analogy to the instrument. The training will guide you from the very beginnings and context of using this technology to its maintenance and the consequences of using these devices.