Pelletizing systems

  1. Strand pelletizing
  2. Underwater pelletizing

Palletizing systems for the production of polymers

Pelletization plays an important role in the production and processing of polymers. The right pelleting system for the application is crucial. That is why MAAG offers pelletizing systems and pelletizing solutions designed for a wide range of different processing methods, such as the production of blends, the production of premixes, the production of virgin polymers and the processing of recycled materials. Pellet solutions offer safe, efficient and profitable processing of standard plastics, biopolymers, hot melt adhesives and rubber bases. MAAG also offers methods for processing recycled plastics and systems for the production of plastic pellets. All MAAG pelleting systems from Gala, Reduction Engineering Scheer and Automatik provide maximum flexibility as required by today's polymer industry. The design concepts of MAAG pellet machines meet the requirements for polymers of various pellet sizes and pellet shapes. In addition to underwater pelleting and strand cutting systems, MAAG also offers a drip process for dust-free pellets.

Pelletizing Systems for Glass Fiber Compounds

In the past, glass fiber compounds were usually produced by strand pelletizing. Recently, however, there has been a clear trend toward underwater pelleting. Wear resistance and optimized machine concepts have shown that high throughput rates and low wear costs are possible for glass fiber compounds from underwater pelletizing systems.

Glass Fiber Compounds



Low Waste Continuous Production

The LWCP System concept was designed to allow the user to operate the production waste recycling machine on a continuous basis and to increase output without interruptions from a defined minimum throughput up to the maximum line throughput. 

Lower costs for start-ups

Less material waste

Lower operating costs


CLS Compact Lab System

Pellet Rates up to 500 kg/h

Gala’s COMPACT LAB SYSTEM, a underwater pelletizing system is used downstream of an extruder or gear pump for polymer production. Used in laboratory settings and by compounders when underwater pelletizing processes and drying samples of polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS, flexible PVC and other polymers.



Advanced, cost-effective underwater pelletizing technology

ZHULI® is an underwater pelletizing system with integrated pellet dryer and process water handling, designed to process a wide range of polymers and thermoplastics. The efficient system is characterized by high flexibility and small footprint. ZHULI® is manufactured locally with key components made in Germany. With an installed base of more than 9,000 underwater pelletizing systems, we help our customers to achieve the maximum level of profitability.

Ideal for all thermoplastics

Outputs up to 1,800 kg / h

Fully enclosed system

Small size and user friendly

Quick product exchange

Pellets of excellent quality

Long life



Spring-Loaded Pelletizer

The Spring Loaded Cutter (SLC) is a cost efficient solution for underwater pelletizing basic polymers at lower rates. The SLC pelletizer uses constant spring pressure to adjust the cutter blades to the die plate, reducing the need for operator attention and underwater cutting. The cutter hub is connected to the motor shaft through a telescoping spring sleeve, and the blades are automatically positioned against the die plate using spring force. The blade force can be adjusted per application or product by simply changing springs.

Cost effective solution

Simple control

Low maintenance



Underwater pelletizing systems for highly profitable throughput rates of up to 36,000 kg per hour

The SPHERO® underwater pelletizing system has been particularly designed to process thermoplastics and produces spherical pellets. This most flexible system for underwater cutting is applied in the production of raw materials, compounds, masterbatches, engineering plastics, recyclate, organic and wood polymer composites, thermoplastics elastomers, microgranulate, hot-melt adhesives, and more.

It has reached the quality of a pellet

Convenient and safe service

Increased production performance

Fast product change

Optional approach

Increased process independence



For pellet rates up to 1.500 kg/h, (depending on equipment configuration and polymers)

A value engineered underwater pelletizing system and underwater pelletizing process designed to economically pelletize and dry thermoplastics—polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, rigid PVC, flexible PVC, and more—for polymer production at throughput rates of up to 1,500 kg/h (3307 lbs/hr.)

Simple and compact

Includes a fully functional control system



Electronically Adjustable Pelletizer

The EAC pelletizer for underwater pelletizing offers fully automated control of blade adjustment, positioning, and monitoring, resulting in maximum blade and die face life. Monitoring and adjustment processes are programmed in the Gala PLC controlled system. An optional integrated blade position measuring system for unterwater pelletizer is available, providing indication of blade position and warning of the need for a blade change.



Manually Adjustable Pelletizer

The Manually Adjustable Pelletizer (MAP), a underwater pelletizing application, features a manual adjusting wheel to position the blades against the die plate. This simple blade adjustment design of the underwater pelletizer provides visual blade wear indication and maximum control of blade position. The unique design of the axial advance system replaces the need for a bearing housing assembly. The MAP design requires only one long life thrust bearing for accurate adjustments.

Easy blade adjustment

Application flexibility


LPU® Laboratory Pelletizing System

Pellet Processing Systems for the Plastics Industry

Gala’s LPU® Laboratory Underwater Pelletizing System is specifically designed for laboratory developmental work, market sampling, and light pellet production on materials such as PE, PP, ABS, PA 6, PA 6.6, PET, PBT, PPO, and more. The system is designed for pelletizing rates up to 100 kg/h (20–220 lbs/hr), depending on the material for underwater pelletizing processes.

Easy to clean

Simple and easy operation

Lightweight, portable




Underwater Pelletizing System for frequent product and color changes up to 500 kg per hour

The PEARLOFLEX SYSTEM® for underwater pelletizing has been specifically designed to process polymers and thermoplastics and produces first-class spherical pellets. This extremely efficient and flexible underwater pelletizing system is applied in the production of compounds, masterbatches, engineeringg plastics, recyclate, organic and wood polymer composites, thermoplastic elastomers, and more.

Proven technology

Compact design

Changeover valve, pelletizer, dryer

Optionally with melt pump and / or filtration system

Easy operation

High flexibility

Automated (EAC)

Various water filtration options



Underwater pelletizers for highly profitable throughput rates of up to 36,000 kg per hour

The PEARLO® underwater pelletizer has been designed to process a wide range of polymers and thermoplastics. PEARLO® works perfectly with our process water system PURO® and pellet dryer CYCLO® and produces first-class spherical pellets. 

Excellent quality of pellets

Opening / closing the cutting chamber with one hand

Quick product change

Unrivaled long life

Maintenance free automatic (EAC)