Instrument calibration

Certified calibration of Dynisco laboratory plastometers and rheometers. According to EN ISO 1133-1,2 and EN ISO 17025.

Instrument calibration

We calibrate all Dynisco laboratory instruments. We calibrate the devices directly at the customer, or the device can be sent to our address of the establishment, where it will be calibrated and sent back.

Calibration focuses on the mechanical dimensions of all functional parts along with temperature and other optional equipment elements. When shipping the device, be sure to enclose and secure all accessories, including weights, to prevent damage.

Calibration options?

1) Calibration at the customer
After the agreement and the received order, we will send a technician who will perform the calibration directly at your place.

2) Calibration with us
If you choose to send the device to the company's premises, carefully pack it, including its accessories, and inform us that you are sending the device. The device will be calibrated, tested and sent back to you.

Contact a calibration technician

  • Please prepare the device data, which can be found on the power cable. This is the model of the device and the serial number, thanks to which the technician can find out the equipment of the device.
  • Indicate the expiration date of the current calibration and your preferred calibration date
  • Last but not least, send us the billing address and the address where the device is located if it is different from the billing address.

We will contact you back with a calibration quote, which may vary depending on the technician's arrival.

How to pack the device

If you will send the device to us for calibration, please attach the order directly to the shipment. In it, state all the data for your unique identification, ie billing address, ID number, VAT number, or shipping address, if different from the billing address. Also state the telephone contact, e-mail and preferred method of payment, ie cash on delivery or proforma invoice.

The devices must also be accompanied by a capillary, measuring piston and weight. Secure all accessories to prevent damage to the device or accessories. If the device is damaged or you have doubts about its proper function, let us know. This will shorten the time your device stays with us.

Is it possible to hand over / pick up the devices in person?

This can be done in person at our premises. Payment by card is not possible. Personal collection must be agreed upon when handing over the device for calibration or stated in the order. We will then inform you by telephone or e-mail about the preparation of the device for collection.

Personal handover / collection of devices is possible:

Monday - Friday: 9.00 -16.00

How long does the calibration take and what is its price?

We will inform you of the price of instrument calibration on request / prices vary according to equipment and model line.

If the device has a problem or is damaged, we will arrange for its repair. In case of a more expensive repair, we will contact you before performing it. The estimated time that your device will spend in our company is currently 2 days. This time does not include the time required to transport the device.

Upon prior telephone agreement, express calibration can also be performed within 1 working day; here we charge a surcharge of 30%. If you send us the instruments for calibration and the order is not included in the package, it may cause an extension of the calibration time.

What happens to the instrument after calibration?

After calibration, the device is provided with a calibration label (sticker) and a calibration sheet is issued. It does not state the date of the next calibration, resp. calibration validity period. The user determines this term himself, or is dependent on the requirements of the company's audit.


from the moment the shipment is handed over to the carrier, our company has no possibility to influence the date / time of delivery in any way. Therefore, please state the telephone contact to you in the order. This contact will be listed on the shipping address label. In case of problems with delivery, the carrier can contact you and agree with you.


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