Certificates & approvals

A list of certificates and their meanings in case you are not sure what a particular certification logo represents. If you have a question about certificates, contact us, we will be happy to help you.

It is a central location for control documentation for our pressure and temperature sensors, plastometers and other laboratory instruments. Compliance with national, regional or industry standards can be an important part of the installation.

Schválení a certifikáty:

The CE marking proves that the product has been assessed before being placed on the market in the European Economic Area and meets EU legislative requirements, ie. that the manufacturer has verified that the product meets all the relevant essential requirements.
Designation of electrical equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres in the European Union.
These directives are legislation on the sale and commissioning of equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX). This is an environment where mixtures of gases, vapors, mists or dusts are formed which may ignite under certain operating conditions.
  cRU US It is a type of quality brand published by Underwriters Laboratories. It is located on components that are intended as part of a UL-listed product, but which cannot themselves bear the entire UL logo.
  RoHS RoHS is an abbreviation based on the European Parliament's Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). Thus, although the Directive only applies to the EU, it does not apply exclusively to EU-based producers, but importers of non-EU EEE are also obliged to comply with it. This Directive is sometimes referred to as RoHS 2 to distinguish it from the previous Directive 2002/95 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 2003, which covered the same field and which has been revised.
  IP 67 The degree of protection (IP) indicates the resistance of electrical equipment to the ingress of foreign bodies and the ingress of liquids, especially water. It is expressed in the so-called IP code, which consists of the characters "IP" followed by two digits: the first digit indicates protection against dangerous contact and the ingress of foreign objects, the second digit indicates the degree of protection against ingress of water.
  SIL Safety integrity level SIL is defined as a discrete level (one of four levels defined by a standard) for determining safety integrity requirements. Security features assigned to security-related E / E / EP systems, where security integrity level 4 has the highest security integrity level and level 1 the lowest.
  UL A mark indicating that the product is classified according to the relevant harmonized classification and labeling / labeling system, ie according to the product concerned and the intended environment of use.
  CSA Indicates that the product has been tested and meets the certification requirements for electrical, plumbing and / or mechanical products


NEPSI is an affiliate of the Shanghai Instrument and Automation Systems Inspection and Testing Institute (SITIIAS) and is a professional body accredited by the "China National Accreditation Conformity Assessment Service" for its supervision and testing. NEPSI conducts research, testing, and verification of explosion-proof equipment, as well as safety inspections and technical evaluations of explosion-proof equipment based on government guidelines for electrical equipment used in explosive atmospheres.

  FM APPROVED The FM Approvedals product testing and certification program provides your companies with standards of excellence on demand from suppliers, contractors and builders, as we have made these standards universally available. When you see a product or service with the FM APPROVED certification mark, you will know that it meets the highest standards of testing and certification of asset loss prevention products. It is a certification recognized by the world's leading regulatory authorities and can be applied to an entire product or system or to a single performance characteristic.




This mark is approved by FM Approved as a certification mark for any product that has been approved by FM in accordance with Canadian laws and standards.




This mark is approved by FM Approved as a certification mark for any product that has been approved by FM in accordance with Canadian laws and standards, together with U.S. laws and standards.


It refers to a set of technical standards maintained by the Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (EASC), a regional standardization organization operating under the auspices of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). All types of regulated standards are included, including examples from the graphical rules for design documentation (which have now become general, but can only be sold under the label if the technical standard is complied with or renamed if they are reformulated). jurisdiction standards a certain meaning and recognition.

  A2LA  A2LA is an independent, internationally recognized accreditation body based in the United States. ... A2LA certificates state that LTI is accredited in accordance with the recognized international standard ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 (General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories).
  PL´C´ The power level (PL) is a value used to define the ability of safety-related parts of control systems to perform a safety function under foreseeable conditions. On the other hand, the required power level (PLr) is used to achieve the required risk reduction for each safety function. Therefore, the power level (PL) of the safety parts of the control system must be equal to or higher than the required power level (PLr).


IECEx certificates of conformity are issued by approved IECEx certification bodies (ExCB). The IECEx certificate of conformity confirms that the sample of the Ex product described in the certificate has been independently tested and found to comply with the international standards stated in the certificate. It also confirms that the manufacturing site has been audited to verify that the manufacturer's quality system meets the requirements of IECEx


Special equipment designation for potentially explosive atmospheres in the EAEU.
  EAC EAC - Eurasian Conformity - a reference mark indicating that a product bearing this mark has passed all the procedures set out in the EAEU technical regulations. This means that it complies with all applicable technical regulations for this product. The TP EAEU Certificate of Conformity (EAC Certificate) is a transitional document from the customs union certificate to the EAEU certificate. EAEU certification confirms the conformity of products with the requirements of technical regulations of the customs union.
  ISO 1133 ČSN EN ISO 1133 This method describes and specifies the procedure for measuring the melt flow index on an extruded capillary plastometer. The standard describes all detailed test procedures for methods and conditions for measuring materials.