Polymer Test

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Capillary Melt Flow Indexer LMI 5500

LMI 5500 is a new generation of Dynisco plastomers. This plastometer has a number of new functions compared to its predecessor, but its ease of use and accurate evaluation of measured data has been retained.

Meets standards:
ASTM D1238 and D3364, ISO 1133-1,2, BS 2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210.

Melt Flow Rate - MFR

Melt Volume Rate - MVR

Flow Rate Ratio - FRR

Intrinsic viscosity - IV

Melt density

Shear viscosity

Shear Rate

USB, Printer, Cloud, WIFI

CE Accredited Wifi Cloud ISO ASTM

Capillary rheometer LCR 7000

The new LCR 7000 Capillary Rheometer range offers a number of new features and meets the requirements of 24-hour operation while maintaining the highest possible accuracy, repeatability and sensitivity. The LCR series rheometers are versatile and easy to use, but offer the most complex methods for polymer characterization, data analysis and reporting capabilities. The LCR series can be used with a standard load cell and a pressure transducer mounted in the rheometer chamber.

Meets standards:
DIN ISO-11433, DIN-53014, DIN-54811, ASTM-D3835


Digital calibration

Higher measuring force range

Bagley correction

Rabinowitsch's correction

Arrehnius temperature

Temperature and time dependence

Critical shear stress

Correlation of intrinsic viscosity (IV)

45 shear stress data

Unique algorithms

Range up to 500°C


MiniGran - Laboratory Granulator

MiniGran is a laboratory granulator designed for granulation of smaller plastic parts. Thanks to its compact dimensions, this granulator can be placed almost anywhere and is therefore very suitable for laboratory applications. The granulator is suitable for all types of plastics, thanks to the low rotor speed, plastic materials are processed into high-quality recycled material with low dust content.

Compact dimensions

Laboratory version

Low consumption

Chevron knives

Noise elimination

Interchangeable sieves

Hole size 3-5mm


LME - Laboratory Mixing Extruder

LME - Laboratory Mixing Extruder. This small mixing extruder is very popular especially for development laboratories, because it is able to work with only a minimal amount of material, in the order of grams. It allows to test the properties of the material before processing in large extruders. The special rotating design allows very easy cleaning and thus saves your time.




4 types of ext. heads

Two temperature zones

Max. 400 ° C

Optional speed

Cooled hopper



Specifically designed for the thermoplastics resin industry, the ViscoIndicator provides continuous measurements of the melt flow rate, apparent viscosity, or intrinsic viscosity directly on the extruder.

Connection instead of pressure sensor

Windows ™ 10 IoT

Continuous MFR indication

Continuous indication of shear viscosity

Continuous indication of intrinsic viscosity

Vertex mercury-free sensors

Easy installation

Easy integration

Quick capillary change



Specially designed for the thermoplastic polymers industry. ViscoSensor provides continuous measurement of melt flow index or apparent viscosity or intrinsic viscosity (IV) directly on the production line. 

Meets standards: On-line ASTM D1238 melt flow index, ISO 1133, or JIS K 7210

Connection via M18 hole or flange

An effective solution for monitoring online values

The measured polymer is returned to the processing

ASTM D1238, ISO 1133, or JIS K 7210

On-line shear viscosity and intrinsic viscosity (IV)

Easy calibration

2 Vertex pressure sensor for the highest accuracy


CMR IV - Rheometer

Dynisco CMR je speciálně vyvinut pro průmysl termoplastických polymerů a mmůže být konfigurován i pro měření indexu toku taveniny, indexu toku taveniny s vysokým / nízkým zatížením, zdánlivých viskozit nebo provádění dalších požadovaných testů.
Systém CMR se skládá ze dvou částí: hlava reometru připojená přímo k procesu, která sbírá vzorky, podmínky a měření indexu toku polymerní taveniny a RCU (řídící jednotka reometru), která řídí parametry testu CMR (teplota, tlak, rychlost ) a poskytuje výstupy výpočetních výsledků a komunikaci s externím distribuovaným řídicím systémem, pokud je to nutné.

Online measurement

Data export via mA signal or RS232

Customer solutions

The system is also designed for places with a risk of explosion

Vertex® sensors used for high accuracy

Range of dosing pumps for specific applications

Easy calibration

Alarm system

Robust industrial design

ISO9001 RoHS

FCR-R - Rheometer

The Dynisco FCR-R Series is specifically designed for the synthetic fiber industry and can be configured to measure the range of apparent shear viscosities, dual melt flow index, and viscosity using the Cogswell equation. The system works with two different or the same capillaries simultaneously.

On-line apparent viscosities at a wide shear rate range

Unique double capillary design with return current

On-line measurement of polymer elongation properties

Data exchange via analog and digital inputs / outputs

Easy calibration

ISO9001 RoHS

Melt Flow Indexer LMI 5000

Simple and intuitive operation. The results are displayed after the measurement on the device display, the possibility to send to a USB device, Printer, or software. All optional melt flow indexer extensions can be retrofitted.

The melt flow indexer provides results in the form of MFR, MVR, Melt Density, IV, Shear Viscosity and Shear Rate.

Meets standards:
ASTM D1238 and D3364, ISO 1133, BS 2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210.

Melt Flow Rate - MFR

Melt Volume Rate - MVR

Flor Rate Ratio - FRR

Intrinsic Viscosity - IV

Melt Density

Shear Viscosity

Shear Rate

USB, Printer, Software


Melt Flow Indexer LMI 4000 Series

The plastometer provides results in the form of MFR, MVR, Melt Density, IV, Shear Viscosity and Shear Rate.

Meets standards:
ASTM D1238 and D3364, ISO 1133, BS 2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210.



Oxygen number measurement - LOI

The modern LKČ chamber for measuring the oxygen limit number precisely determines the relative flammability of plastics and other materials. Complies with ASTMD 2863, ISO 4589-1, ISO 4589-2. The Dynisco LKC chamber enables the safe determination of the relative flammability of materials by measuring the minimum oxygen concentration required for combustion.

Easy operation

Even combustion atmosphere

Double gas flow meters with regulating needle

Double gas pressure gauges (0-100 psi)

Fixed sample holder

Optional smoke density detector