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Melt Flow Indexer LMI 5000

Melt Flow Indexer LMI 5000

This model contains a lot of key elements and options that will ensure your daily work. Thanks to the color touch screen, operating the devices is more intuitive and easier than before, the robust construction and high accuracy make it the ideal helper. New features include easier work with measured data (printing, export, archiving), pneumatic lifting system, pneumatic force packer, digital encoder, new automatic cutting system, and LaVa Suite software for easy work with measured data. The undeniable advantage of this model is the possibility of gradual retrofitting, without mechanical modifications. Contact us, we will be happy to introduce this device to you in your company completely free of charge and without obligation. Capillary extrusion plastometer that meets the international standards ASTM D1238 and D3364, ISO 1133, BS 2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210.

Melt Flow Indexer Dynisco LMI 5000 - Basic

Melt Flow Indexer Dynisco LMI 5000 - Basic

Melt Flow Indexer Dynisco LMI 5000 - Digital encoder

Melt Flow Indexer Dynisco LMI 5000 - Digital encoder

Melt Flow Indexer Dynisco LMI 5000 - Digital encoder + Auto Cut

Melt Flow Indexer Dynisco LMI 5000 - Digital encoder + Auto Cut

Melt Flow Indexer Dynisco LMI 5000 - Lift system, Auto Cut + Digital encoder

Melt Flow Indexer Dynisco LMI 5000 - Lift system, Auto Cut + Digital encoder

Melt Flow Indexer Dynisco LMI 5000 - Lift system, Auto Cut + Digital encoder + Force Packer

Melt Flow Indexer Dynisco LMI 5000 - Lift system, Auto Cut + Digital encoder + Force Packer

Melt Flow Indexer Dynisco LMI 5000 - Lift system, Auto Cut + Digital encoder + Force Packer

Melt Flow Indexer Dynisco LMI 5000 - Lift system, Auto Cut + Digital encoder + Force Packer

Melt Flow Indexer Dynisco LMI 5000 - Lift system, Auto Cut + Digital encoder + Force Packer + PC with LaVa suite software

Melt Flow Indexer Dynisco LMI 5000 - Lift system, Auto Cut + Digital encoder + Force Packer + PC with LaVa suite software



Inquiry system 

Configure your own device, according to your requirements and needs. If you are not sure about the configuration, make the necessary information about the processed materials in the notes. Thanks to this information, we are able to create several offers depending on the equipment and after consultation you can choose according to your needs. If you need a comparison for tenders, we will be happy to help you find an alternative product from the Dynisco portfolio.

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Dynisco Configuration Code:



It meets the following standards and norms:
ASTM D1238 & D3364, ISO-1133, BS 2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210
Operating temperature:
cca 500°C
Temperature control accuracy:
  Timer accuracy: 0.001 s
  Digital encoder accuracy: ± 0.025mm in the range 25.4mm
  User interface:

• 7 "TFT touch screen
• Viewing angle 130 °
• Screen resolution 800 x 480 pix
• WVGA resistive screen type

  Weight: Aluminum, stainless steel and clad steel 0.325 to 31.6 kg

USB x 2
Connecting to a computer
Connecting scales
Print and save to Flash drive



Melt flow index:
Melt flow rate MFR [g / 10min]
Melt volume rate MVR [ccm / 10min]
Rate flow ratio FRR [-]
Melt density:
Melt density [g/ccm]
Intrinsic viscosity:
Instristic viscosity - IV [dl/g]
  Shear viscosity: Shear Viscosity [Pa.s]
  Shear Rate: Shear Rate [1/s]


Overall dimensions, basic model:
33W x 64D x 51H cm
Overall dimensions, basic model with elevator:
33W x 64D x 132H cm
Weight, basic model:
21.3 Kg
  Weight, basic model with lift: 45.4 Kg
  Shipping weight, basic model with weight: 81.8 Kg
  Shipping weight, basic model with lift:

163.6 Kg


System voltage:
100-120Vac 50/60Hz nebo
220-240Vac 50/60Hz, 500VA
Power supply:
500W max., 100W standard

Digital Scales Kern PCB

Standard laboratory scales with clear display, simple operation and five operating modes. The advantage of this series is the PRE-TARE function (when activated, the stored weight is automatically deducted from the current measured weight).

Sartorius Quintix digital scales

It belongs to the group of scales with touch control. The biggest advantage of the Quintix series is easy operation via a color touch screen. Serious applications are clearly displayed with icons, as is usual today for "smart devices". Another plus of this series is excellent data communication. Each Quintix scale is equipped with a mini USB data output with Plug & Play technology.

Software Lava Suite

The new LaVa Suite software is now available for the LMI 5000 Series capillary plastometers. It offers complete and easy management when collecting, storing and working with digital data provided by the capillary plastometer. Lava Suite ™ software enables additional generated measurement results, filtering using identifiers and comparison of individual measurements on a larger scale, including time horizons.

Edge Device - Cloud

Integrate and aggregate data from existing Dynisco products such as our LMI5000 & LMI4004 melt flow indexers, our LCR7000 capillary rheometer, and instrumentation like our UPR900 process indicator via the Dynisco Edge Device. With the Edge Device you have a single board computer that helps you better understand and manage:


Specifically designed for the thermoplastics resin industry, the ViscoIndicator provides continuous measurements of the melt flow rate, apparent viscosity, or intrinsic viscosity directly on the extruder.


Specially designed for the thermoplastic polymers industry. ViscoSensor provides continuous measurement of melt flow index or apparent viscosity or intrinsic viscosity (IV) directly on the production line. 

Meets standards: On-line ASTM D1238 melt flow index, ISO 1133, or JIS K 7210

FCR-R - Rheometer

The Dynisco FCR-R Series is specifically designed for the synthetic fiber industry and can be configured to measure the range of apparent shear viscosities, dual melt flow index, and viscosity using the Cogswell equation. The system works with two different or the same capillaries simultaneously.

Measuring piston for Melt Flow Indexers

Certified measuring piston for Dynisco capillary plastometer with a declared weight of 100g. The piston contains 3 marked positions (lines) that show the position of the start of sampling and the end of sampling in the range of 30 mm according to ISO 1133 and a distance of 1 inch for ASTM D1238.

Cleaning cotton patches

Cleaning patches for laboratory instruments have high quality cotton and low dust content. Thanks to this, you will always have the device quickly and comfortably cleaned of all polymer deposits inside the chamber. Thanks to 100% cotton, the polymer does not smudge along the wall of the chamber, but remains on a cotton wheel that does not tear or leave hairs.

Knife for manual cutting

Knife for manual cutting of the sample from the capillary plastometer and for subsequent cleaning of the capillary. It is made of high-quality wooden handle and fine steel, which guarantees flexible bending of the blade and ensures comfortable cutting of the sample.

Standard capillary 2,095 mm / 8 mm

Standard capillary for Dynisco plastometer with an inner diameter of 0.95 mm and a length of 8 mm. The capillary is identical on both sides and is coated with a layer of Wolram Carbide, which gives the capillaries greater hardness and longer life. The capillary is used for all standard polymeric materials up to a flow index range of 0.1 [g / 10min] to 80 [g / 10min]. For higher indices, we recommend using a so-called half-capillary with half dimensions.

Half capillary 1 mm / 4 mm

The half capillary is used for polymeric materials with very low viscosity. These materials, which achieve flow indices higher than 80 [g / 10min], will slow down and their testing will be no problem. If you are going to use a half capillary, you need to adjust the capillary plastometer settings and record this change in settings.

Drill for capillary cleaning

The swivel head of the drill bit (pin vise) provides comfortable operation. The two-end collet offers two different sizes for storing different drills. For greater control, this vice is made of corrugated aluminum. Under the rotating part of the handle there is another collet for larger drills.

Capillary brush

The stainless steel brush for the capillary with a diameter of 2.2 mm is an ideal helper for materials that are difficult to clean when hot. Thanks to its solid construction, it is very easy and comfortable to use, despite its miniature dimensions. The brush reliably cleans all residues of polymer deposits inside the capillary and thus ensures perfect measurement results.

Cleaning brush in the chamber

The copper brush with an extended adapter is used for manual cleaning of heavy deposits and burns in the plastometer or rheometer chamber. Due to the softness of the material, you do not have to worry about damaging the chamber of the device. Thanks to the extended length, it lasts longer and removes more dirt per cleaning than standard brushes. It is ideal mainly for materials such as PET / PET / PC and additives that cause burns, for example due to residual moisture, and are very difficult to clean with just cotton wheels.

Memmert dryer

The universally applicable Memmert laboratory dryer is a classic temperature control device in the field of research, science and materials testing. Technologically improved construction made of high quality and easy to clean stainless steel. It has ventilation and control technology (optional), protection against overheating and precisely tuned heating technology.

Inspection mirror

The inspection mirror is used for inspection when cleaning the device, thanks to the telescopic handle you can easily and without risk get everywhere where you would otherwise have to lean or lean towards places with high temperature and thus avoid the risk of burns.

Roller caliber for capillary

Certified roller caliper for capillary inspection of a Dynisco plastometer. The green end of the gauge must pass through the inner hole of the capillary, but the red end of the gauge must not pass through the hole. If the red side of the roller caliper passes through the capillary, it means that the inner diameter of the capillary does not correspond to the required parameters and must be replaced.

MiniGran - Laboratory Granulator

MiniGran is a laboratory granulator designed for granulation of smaller plastic parts. Thanks to its compact dimensions, this granulator can be placed almost anywhere and is therefore very suitable for laboratory applications. The granulator is suitable for all types of plastics, thanks to the low rotor speed, plastic materials are processed into high-quality recycled material with low dust content.

CMR IV - Rheometer

Dynisco CMR je speciálně vyvinut pro průmysl termoplastických polymerů a mmůže být konfigurován i pro měření indexu toku taveniny, indexu toku taveniny s vysokým / nízkým zatížením, zdánlivých viskozit nebo provádění dalších požadovaných testů.
Systém CMR se skládá ze dvou částí: hlava reometru připojená přímo k procesu, která sbírá vzorky, podmínky a měření indexu toku polymerní taveniny a RCU (řídící jednotka reometru), která řídí parametry testu CMR (teplota, tlak, rychlost ) a poskytuje výstupy výpočetních výsledků a komunikaci s externím distribuovaným řídicím systémem, pokud je to nutné.

Certification Approval

EU Declaration of Conformity

ISO 9001:2015

EAC - The Eurasian Conformity mark

RoHS Compliance Fact Sheet