Verification of sensors

Verification and inspection of Dynisco pressure sensors

Verification of pressure sensors

Pressure sensor inspection is a service to customers who have problems with pressure sensors and experience frequent damage. Damage to sensors is often an inevitable step in every process, but by inspecting these damaged pieces we can suggest a sensor alternative, optional configuration, coating or accessories that will no longer damage or significantly extend the life of your sensor. These are years of experience and practice, when even a very high-quality pressure or temperature sensor can compensate for seemingly small things. If you have problems with maintenance, cleaning or installation of the sensor, we can offer and present how easy it is to clean pressure sensors (non-abrasively) and how easy it is to clean the mounting hole if you have the right tools. If these situations occur for you, we will be happy to help you minimize these causes or eliminate them completely.


How to pack a pressure sensor?

The pressure sensor, although it does not look like it, is a very fragile product. The most vulnerable part is its membrane. Before sending the sensors to us, please provide the membrane with a protective cover or a thick layer of paper tape. If the sensor has a flexible capillary, do not make large bends to avoid damaging or breaking the capillary. Insert the sensor in the box with the filling and enclose the document with the description of the defect. In the case of recurring problems, describe to the technicians in as much detail as possible how the damage was most likely to occur. This will facilitate further communication and reduce inquiries from us.

How long does verification take?

We will inform you of the price of verification of the devices on request / prices vary according to the equipment and model line.
If the sensor is damaged, we will repair it if possible. In case of a more expensive repair, we will contact you before performing it.


From the moment the shipment is handed over to the carrier, our company has no possibility to influence the delivery date in any way.
Therefore, please state the telephone contact in the order. This contact will be listed on the shipping address label. In case of delivery problems, the carrier can contact you. We are also able to provide express delivery, but this service is charged according to the tariff of our carriers.

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