Injection molding machines

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High-capacity injection molding machines for pallets

Ettlinger injection molding machines are the ideal solution for the production of pallets from various raw materials from virgin to recycled material, everything can be processed without any problems. Even complex pallet geometries with a closed deck can be produced with relatively small clamping forces. In addition to fully hydraulic machines, we can also supply hybrid models with an electrically driven plasticizing unit for even shorter cycle times and higher overall productivity.


High-capacity injection molding machines for shafts and tanks

Very high injection volumes of up to 180,000 cm3 and an energy-efficient hybrid drive - thanks to this combination, Ettlinger injection molding machines are the perfect solution for the production of large components and systems.


High-capacity injection molding machines for sealing parts and connections

Ettlinger injection molding machines offer a high degree of variability for complex injection molding processes, which are often unavoidable in the production of thick-walled fittings. The large opening space without connecting rods provides excellent access from the side: especially for large moldings, which can be removed considerably faster and easier as a result.


Injection molding machines with integrated ERF filter

If recycled materials are treated by injection molding technology, they must be free of impurities in order to avoid disturbances in the treatment process, which can occur, for example, due to clogging of the nozzles of the hot distribution ducts. These impurities are usually separated by filtration from the melt in a separate regranulation process.


Tailor-made solutions for non-standard requirements

Ettlinger injection technology is also used in the production of oil and gas pipelines: welded steel pipes are reliably pressed to protect them from corrosion and mechanical influences. The special Ettlinger injection unit selected for the housing application has an extremely compact design and is optimally adapted to the limited space available on board. The entire electrical and hydraulic power supply components of this special injection unit are intricately encapsulated to prevent damage to the pipes by seawater and salty atmospheres.