1. Sensors and transducers
  2. Indicators & Controllers
  3. Polymer Test
  4. PolyClean

Adapters for cleaning pressure sensors

Adapter for pressure sensors to the PolyClean system. It is used for cleaning pressure sensors. Adapter design protects the sensor from the radiant heat of the system. The side holes in the adapter serve to easily pour the alumina back into the polyClean system. The adapter includes locking rings for sensors, thanks to which it is possible to select the depth of immersion of the sensor tip.

Easy emptying

Locking rings

Height adjustable

For 4 sensors

Stainless steel

Spacer cross into the basket

The spacer cross into the PolyClean basket serves as a transfer and allows you to insert more parts and components for cleaning in one cycle. It is made of stainless steel and the robust design allows the use of up to 4 crosses (folds on top of each other). This allows you to use the entire length / depth of the basket.

Stainless steel

Robust design

Higher cleaning efficiency

Detachable connection

Basket for cleaned parts

The basket is used for easy insertion of parts and components to be cleaned. Thanks to the large handles, handling the basket is easy and intuitive. The basket is made of stainless steel and has a reinforced bottom for inserting even very heavy parts. It is also possible to insert locking crosses into the basket and stack the parts on top of each other, thus using the entire height / width of the basket.

Stainless steel basket

Reinforced bottom

Load capacity up to 100kg

Robust handles