Polymer Production Pumps

Gear pumps for industrial processes (grey cast iron) ‒ hydrolub®

Thermorex® TRO/TRP

Polymer processes and polymer applications require polymer transfer pumps which will constantly and reliably feed oligomers and prepolymers through the system. The liquid polymer pump design is highly suitable for low viscosity. Thanks to thermorex® TRP and TRO, reactors no longer have to be pressurized. The good efficiency and long service life increase the efficiency of your production plant with polymer transfer pumps from MAAG.

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Configure your own product according to your requirements and needs. If you are unsure of the configuration, provide us in the notes the necessary information about the existing sensor or product, even a competitor. We will be happy to help you find an alternative MAAG products. If your request is urgent, let us know. We will do our best to help you resolve this situation to your satisfaction as quickly as possible. If we have all the information, we are able to offer a model with minor differences.

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  Rotational speed [U/Min] max. 100
  Torque [Nm] max. 600000
  Differential pressure [bar] max. 320
  Viscosity [MPas] max. 20000
  Temperature [°C] 350
Throughput rate [kg/h] max. 55
  Pump size 100 – 380
  Output [l/Min] max. 900
  Housing Alloy- / Carbon Steel - other materials on request
  Gear shafts Nitrided steel / tool steel
Bearing Tool steel / ALBr / special materials
  Shaft seal

Viscoseal, vispac®, double mechanical seal with barrier system

  Connections ANSI or DIN standards
  Pump heating Heated with oil: max. 350°C, at max. 15 bar
with saturated or superheated steam: max. 40 bar
  Installation The thermorex® gear pump can be flanged into the line, or also directly to mixer, kneader or extruder
  Suction side thermorex⁶ TR Pump with one seal (on drive side) Inlet pressure: up to 15 bar
thermorex⁶ TB Pump with extended shaft (2 seals required) Inlet pressure: up to 100 bar
thermorex⁶ TP Prepolymer transfer pump with one seal (drive side). Inlet pressure: up to 15 bar*depending on the sealing type


Cellulose acetate
Epoxy resin
  Phenolic resin
  Polybutylene Teraphthalate
  Polystyrene (incl. ABS, EPS)
  SBR Latex
And other
Paints and varnishes
Waxes and paraffins
Mineral oils and fats
Petrochemical products
Lube oil