Rupture Disks

BP520  -  Burst plugs with indication

BP520 - Burst plugs with indication

The BP520 series of pressure fuses have a "pop-up" indicator cap. A fine conductor passes through the construction of the fuse and the indicator cover of the part, which, when the fuse is activated or by emergency release of pressure, pushes out the fuse cover and thus disconnects (ruptures) the tested conductor. By breaking this wire, the communication in the monitored loop will be "opened". The indicators / controllers record this contact opening and provide further preset steps. Pressure fuses (also known as burst fuses) are designed to reliably release overpressure in the system in the event of an emergency.

BP 520 Burst Plugs with indication

BP 520 Burst Plugs with indication

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Reliable, Secure Pressure-Relief System

Dynisco Burst Plugs with Burst Indication 

The Dynisco Model BP520 burst plugs are custom assemblies with pop-top burst indication that are a design option on extruder barrel assemblies. Burst Plugs (also known as rupture disks) are designed for reliable, emergency relief of excess pressure in a system. The Model BP520 is installed on barrel bodies with hex ends, where the hex OD (across flats) is larger than the burst plug body. The metal retainer strap is held in place by the hex and the metal 'T' shaped cap is fastened to the other end of the strip. A 2mm holH is drilled through the body and cap. A burst indicator wire is passed through the hole and when the disk ruptures, the T-cap 'pops open' shearing off the BI wire and indicating a burst to the control system.


Assembly Specifications

Body: 304 stainless steel
Disk Material: Inconel
Disk Size: 3/16" (4.8 mm) disk
Process Connection: 1/2-20 UNF-A threaded
Accuracy: ±10%  at 300-399°C

*Burst testing shall be carried out at ambient temperature and then chart compensated using a certificed temperature correction factor



Ordering Guide for Burst Plugs BP520 Series

BP520 - Dimensions  

All dimensions are inches (mm) unless otherwise specified.

BP420 - Burst plugs

The Model BP420 burst plugs are designed specifically for use in plastic extrusion systems. The Model BP420 will instantaneously rupture at a specific, predetermined pressure and temperature. Each one piece assembly consists of a 304 stainless steel body with a welded Inconel rupture disk. May be specified for primary relief in applications where pressure build-up can occur so rapidly that the response time of a relief valve is inadequate, such as in a polymerization reaction vessel.

Transducer Mounting Hole Machining Tool Kit

The Dynisco Transducer Mounting Hole Machining Tool Kit contains all of the necessary drills and taps to prepare a standard 1/2 - 20 UNF transducer mounting hole and the 45 degree seat. All tools included in this kit are made of premium grade, high strength tool steel. Care should be taken in the use of proper speeds and feeds, lubricants, and a method to assure continual alignment of each progressing tool. M10 and M18 kits are also available.

Transducer Mounting Hole Cleaning Tool Kit

Installation of transducers into improperly cleaned or sized holes is one of the major causes of damage to these instruments. With this kit, the .312" tip diameter hole, the 45 degree seating surface, and the .451" hole can be cleaned. The kit includes a gauging plug which is used to verify that the hole has been correctly machined and cleaned. M10 and M18 cleaning kits also available.

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