Providing Innovative Solutions

With more than 6 decades of commitment to helping customers, Dynisco provides the tools and services for the polymer industry allowing customers a “window into the process”.

Today’s customers require accurate information that will allow them to validate and if necessary adjust their process ensuring the products they make meet or exceed their specifications.  The information Dynisco provides allows our ​customers to keep their process consistent regardless of their global locations.

Dynisco’s diverse portfolio of sensing and polymer test equipment delivers some of the most accurate information available in the market for the measurement of polymer rheology, pressure, and temperature.

Dynisco provides our customers the ability to correlate the data derived from pilot to laboratory environments with online production, 24 hours a day.  This data allows for immediate response and adjustment to critical parameters ensuring any variations are promptly corrected to guarantee quality while maximizing their output.


Dynisco History

Known worldwide for leading-edge pressure and temperature measurement and control products for the plastics extrusion industry, Dynisco has been developing innovative, high-quality solutions for plastics extrusion processing for 60 years built on the expertise of an engineering staff that averages 15-20 years experience.  Dynisco sensors, controls, and analytical instruments have proven to offer better control, reduced downtime, minimum scrap, and unmatched reliability and working life.  Our dedication and ability to collaborate with you to help you measure, analyze and outfit extrusion control systems that fit your exact needs are unmatched.  From breakthrough technology in the industry’s most complete line of sensors to renowned quality and performance in indicators, controls, and analytical instruments.  

Dynisco Sensors Designed specifically for the rugged environment of the plastic industry, Dynisco has developed some of the most innovative measurement solutions for plastic extrusion, molding and process control applications.  Manufacturing a wide range of robust mV/V, mA, VDC and HART-compatible melt pressure sensors, through engineering excellence built on expertise and experience.

Dynisco Analytical Instruments Process quality begins with the material being used. Dynisco's analytical instruments allow the processor to verify material specifications and optimize process conditions. These instruments include melt flow 

[Dynisco Heilbronn Germany Facility]

indexers, capillary rheometers, and small laboratory mixing extrusion systems. Dynisco also offers the most comprehensive and accurate line of online rheometers available in the market today.

Dynisco offers a full range of global service and technical support for our complete line. Dozens of highly skilled, technical support personnel are stationed internationally to provide:

  • Expert consultation 
  • Custom design solutions 
  • On-site equipment diagnostics and trouble-shooting 
  • Transducer repair and maintenance ∙ Installation services 
  • Operator training for equipment ∙
  • System repairs, replacement parts, preventive maintenance and more

Customers around the world have come to depend on Dynisco for product innovation and advanced system solutions that have a significant impact on their manufacturing process efficiencies.



Melt Flow Indexer LMFI55-2NENNNN

This LMFI5500 series Melt Flow Indexer allows the measurement of most rheological parameters of thermoplastics including IV for PET. The LMFI 5500 series is one of the most accurate equipment of the type in the world. The intuitive controls make it easy to use, it has an expert mode for experienced operators that significantly speeds up the measurement process, and sophisticated features and technologies ensure the highest possible measurement accuracy. Gravity correction and dual zone heating not only meet but exceed the requirements of the latest ISO1133-2 valid standard.
This model is perfect for quality control in a laboratory, institutes or universities where accuracy really matters. Try the LMFI 5500 and get a reliable and accurate instrument that will allow you to improve the quality of your products.

Digital encoder


4x USB

Ethernet port

Results history

Dynisco Cloud

Eight-core, shielded cable with threaded Bendix 8pin connector

These cables are used to connect Dynisco pressure sensors to a 6-pin connector. The cables provide the electrical connection between the sensors and the indicators or controllers. The kits consist of a Bendix bayonet connector and a six-core shielded cable.

Six-core cable

Shielded cable

Bayonet connector


LME - Laboratory Mixing Extruder

LME - Laboratory Mixing Extruder. This small mixing extruder is very popular especially for development laboratories, because it is able to work with only a minimal amount of material, in the order of grams. It allows to test the properties of the material before processing in large extruders. The special rotating design allows very easy cleaning and thus saves your time.




4 types of ext. heads

Two temperature zones

Max. 400 ° C

Optional speed

Cooled hopper

Melt Flow Indexer LMI 4000 Series

Not Available 

The LMI 4000 series capillary plastometer, is a breakthrough in the field of melt index measurement. Hundreds of thousands of units have been sold worldwide and very many are still in daily use today. Build quality and accuracy, along with ease of operation and maintenance, were and are the main features of Dynisco's melt index product.

Meets standards:
ASTM D1238 and D3364, ISO 1133, BS 2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210.

Melt Flow Rate - MFR

Melt Volume Rate - MVR

Flor Rate Ratio - FRR

Intrinsic Viscosity - IV

Melt Density

Shear Viscosity

Shear Rate

RS232, Printer, Software

Dynisco Cloud

Oxygen number measurement - LOI

Not Available  

The advanced LOI Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber accurately determines the relative flammability of plastics and other materials. It conforms to ASTM D2863 and ISO 4589-1, ISO 4589-2 standards and provides a means for safely determining the relative flammability of materials by measuring the minimum oxygen concentration that will support combustion. The test specimens are burned in a precisely controlled atmosphere of nitrogen and oxygen. The operator adjusts the supply gases and uses the flowmeter readings to calculate the oxygen index.

Easy operation

Even combustion atmosphere

Double gas flow meters with regulating needle

Double gas pressure gauges (0-100 psi)

Fixed sample holder

Optional smoke density detector

MiniGran - Laboratory Granulator

The Dynisco MiniGran Lab Granulator is designed for the granulation of small sprues. With its very compact dimensions, this granulator can be accommodated almost anywhere and therefore is very suitable for laboratory applications. The granulator is suitable for all kind of plastic materials, due to the low rotor speed the plastic materials are processed to high-quality, low-dust regrind. 

Compact dimensions

Laboratory version

Low consumption

Chevron knives

Noise elimination

Interchangeable sieves

Hole size 3-5mm

Capillary rheometer LCR 7000

The new LCR 7000 Capillary Rheometer range offers a number of new features and meets the requirements of 24-hour operation while maintaining the highest possible accuracy, repeatability and sensitivity. The LCR series rheometers are versatile and easy to use, but offer the most complex methods for polymer characterization, data analysis and reporting capabilities. The LCR series can be used with a standard load cell and a pressure transducer mounted in the rheometer chamber.

Meets standards:
DIN ISO-11433, DIN-53014, DIN-54811, ASTM-D3835


Digital calibration

Higher measuring force range

Bagley correction

Rabinowitsch's correction

Arrehnius temperature

Temperature and time dependence

Critical shear stress

Correlation of intrinsic viscosity (IV)

45 shear stress data

Unique algorithms

Range up to 500°C

ECHO (NaK) Series

Mercury-free. Trusted for Quality, Reliability and Accurate Performance at an Affordable Price

Dynisco's Echo™ Series of melt pressure sensors offer quality performance and value for plastic processing utilizing standard configurations and pressure ranges. Echo sensors are designed to meet customer requirements by providing a combination of economic value and performance for general extrusion applications while providing a ±0.2% repeatability when measuring process pressures. Use Echo Series sensors when the application requires a quality measurement for optimized control, but not the costs of all the extra features.

2 year warranty

Accuracy better than ±0.5%

TiAIN diaphragm coating is standard

mV/V, 0-10VDC, or mA outputs available

Integral temperature sensor option

Output configurations

0 - 1000 Bar

Alternative fill model available


EPR4 Push Rod Sensors

The EPR4 series are sensors with ± 0.5% accuracy ideal for food or medical applications requiring easy installation, repeatability and reliability. Technology Push Rod design is especially suitable for food or medical applications with the possibility of filled systems. EPR4 provide an industry standard in the form of an amplified 4-20 mA signal designed to work with DCS and PLC. The EPR4 model is available in various pressure variants.

Better than ± 0.5% accuracy

Fixed rod construction

Usable up to 400 ° C

Welded stainless steel construction

4-20 mA output signal

Internal calibration 80%


EPR3 Push Rod Sensors

The high-temperature EPR3 melt pressure sensor from Dynisco is offered as an alternative to the PT420 and PT460 series. The solid rod design is suitable for applications where the use of a filling medium may not be appropriate, such as applications for the food and pharmaceutical industries and the production of photographic films. The EPR3 model is available in various pressure variants.

Better than ± 0.5% accuracy

Fixed rod construction

Usable up to 400°C

Welded stainless steel construction

Internal calibration 80%


PT375 Pressure Transducer

The Dynisco PT 375 pressure transmitter is designed for applications requiring a zero volume pressure port, fast response time and strict cleanliness standards. The high-pressure metal-to-metal seal offers reliable pressure measurement of sludges, viscous liquids and other media that can be homogenized.

3 mv/v output

Accuracy ±0.50%

Pressure ranges 0-30,000 PSI

Iconel 718 pressure fitting

Zero volume pressure port

Meets cleanability standards

Metal-to-metal pressure seal

Internal 80% shunt calibration


PT311JA Pressure sensor

The Dynisco PT311JA Washable Pressure Sensor is designed for applications requiring a zero volume pressure port. The recessed diaphragm improves the frequency response. The PT311JA has a full 3 mV / V output signal and offers reliable and accurate pressure measurement of gases, viscous liquids.

Flush diaphragm

Accuracy ±0.50%

Zero volume pressure port

15 to 10,000 psi

3 mV/V output

Internal shunt calibration