Sensors and transducers

Bendix connectors - Dynisco 8-pin

Bendix 8-PIN connectors

Separate Bendix connectors. In the 8-pin connector variant.


Number of pins
  Connection type Threaded 

Vertex Series

Vertex is more accurate than any other mercury-filled sensor and is ideal for industrial applications that require low pressure.

The pressure range for Vertex is now available from 250 - 10,000 PSI. Not only is this an overall improvement to one’s process, but it helps with customers that are focused on sustainability and zero-waste. 

PT420 | 422 | TPT 432

PT420A - Sensor with rigid stem
PT422A - Sensor with rigid stem and flexible stem
TPT432A - Combined sensor with rigid stem, flexible stem and built-in temperature sensor

PT420A Series transducer is a ±0.25% sensor ideal for melt pressure applications requiring high accuracy, simple installation, repeatability and reliability.