Polymer Test

Melt Flow Indexer Accessories compatible with 5000,5500,4000

Melt Flow Indexer Accessories - Black Box

The Black-Box contains the complete set necessary for working with the plastometer and for its maintenance and cleaning. All items are compatible with all ranges of plastometers from the 4000 series to the 5500 series.

Overview and description of accessories:

Part description
Code designation
Part image
Measuring piston
Standard Capillary
Capillary removal piston
Piston for tamping materials  
Piston for cleaning the chamber  
Manual cutting knife  
Capillary drill  
Capillary removal piston for automatic cutting system

Brush into the capillary  
Hopper to the chamber
Beaker 10 ml
Inspection mirror
Capillary control
Go / Not Go
Replacement short toothbrush in the chamber
  Náhradní krátký kartáček do komory  
Adapter and long brush to the chamber
  Replacement long brush in the chamber  
Cotton wheels for cleaning the chamber
Connecting cable for PC and plastometer