Process Indicators

1480 Panel Indicator

1480 is a universal pressure or temperature indicator with one or double configurable alarm as well as optional linear retransmission of the displayed process. Ideal for use in extrusion applications.

Universal entrance

2 alarm outputs

Optional retransmission

Min. / max. values

PG4 Series

Dynisco's series of mechanical pressure indicators is the ideal choice for applications that require simple and maintenance-free pressure indication.

Direct, local measurement

Mechanical construction

Optional flexible capillary

The indicator head is rotatable by 300°

Pressure range 5000 or 10,000 psi

Stainless steel construction

Melt Monitor Series

The Dynisco Melt Monitor alarm series is a melt pressure sensor with an integrated digital display. Optional temperature measurement is also available.

Double five-digit display

Peak function and digital zero calibration

Accuracy ± 1.0%

Optional units

Displays pressure and optionally temperature

Optional process connection

UPR 900 Panel Indicator

The Dynisco UPR900 is a compact 1/4 DIN process indicator. The UPR900 can display your preferred production process values. Optional secondary input for displaying the temperature or pressure of the polymer melt all in one place. The secondary input can be a strain gauge to measure the differential pressure in the process. The UPR900 contains two standard assigned alarms with the option to add a third alarm.

Display of pressure, temperature

both values including the difference

Optional second input

Analog retransmission

Local or remote configuration

Graphic / text LCD

LED indication and backlight

1490 Panel Indicator

Indicator 1490 is a universal device with one or two configurable alarms, optional linear process variable retransmission, optional pressure sensor power supply, and optional Modbus communication.

Universal input

2 alarm outputs

Optional signal retransmission

Min. / max. values

Optional com. Modbus

Optional 24VDC power supply