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Conector P/N Description Image/Drawing
10MSPT1106 Connector plug, bayonet style, aluminum alloy straight plug shell size 10, 6 socket, polychloroprene grommet and seal, copper alloy, gold and tin plated contacts, 20-24 AWG, contact size 20

Connector plug, bayonet style, KPT06J10-6S straight shell size
10, 6 socket, clamp assembly for moisutre proofing multi jacketed cables

10MS319104 Connector plug, din 43650, Nitrile Gasket, 14awg max, 3 contacts + Ground
100SFEDF04 Connector plug, Jupiter style, shell size 10, 4 socket
10MSPT1208 Connector plug, KPT06F-12-8S, 8 socket, Series I Mil 26482
10MSMS0606 Connector plug, MIL-C-5015, aluminum alloy, 6 socket, Wire size 16 thru 20
10MSWK0406 Connector plug, WK6-21C 3/8, aluminum alloy, solid shell, 6 socket, 3/8" wire max od