Submersible level transmitters

Model 591 Detachable Level Transmitter

Model 591 Detachable Level Transmitter

The Model 591 High Accuracy Detachable Level Transmitter allows for a quick sensor swap without the removal of the installed cable. No special tools are required. Simply pull up the sensor, twist the sensor coupling sleeve till it is no longer engaged and then simply separate the two halves.

591 is constructed of stainless steel housing and sensor module, with a polyurethane cable as standard.  Different cable materials and o rings are available.

Use it to measure Liquid Level and Depth for Water and Waste Water applications, at Lift Stations, Reservoirs and Dams, Rivers, Holding Ponds, Wells, In-ground / Above Ground Tanks and with Inventory Tank Gauging.

Viatran also offers a complete range of accessories for use in level applications such as a surge protector, cable hangers and weights, meters and junction boxes.

Replacement sensor heads and/or cables can be purchased separately


  Pressure Ranges 0 - 40" W.C. up to 0 - 835 Ft W.C. (Or equivalent in Meters or PSI
Accuracy [Combined Non-Linearity (BFSL), Hysteresis & Repeatability] ≤ +/-0.1% FSO
Compensated Temperature Range 32° to 158° F (0 to 70° C)
  Operating Temperature Range 4° to 158° F (-20 to 70° C) Note: Medium must not freeze near sensor
Storage Temperature Range -13° to 158° F (-25 to 70° C)
Long Term Stability (%FSO) ≤ +/- 0.1% FSO / year  At reference conditions
Thermal Effect on Zero ≤ +/- 0.8% FSO per 100° F
Thermal Effect on Span ≤ +/- 0.8% FSO per 100° F


Output Signal
4-20 mA
Supply Voltage
8 -32 Vdc
Power Supply Regulation
< +/- .005% FSO per volt
Circuit Protection Reverse polarity protected, CE marked
RFI / EMI CE EMC compliant as per IEC EN 61326
Voltage Spike Protection Withstand 1000 volt spike per EN 61000
Response Time < 200 mSec


316L stainless steel
Sensor Diaphragm
316L stainless steel
O-ring Seals
FKM (Standard) or EPDM (Optional)
  Protective Cap POM (Polyoxymethylene)


Pressure Connection
Protective POM cap
Ingress Protection
IP 68
Overpressure Limit
x Minimum (> 525 Ft. range = 3.2x)
Burst Pressure 5x Minimum (> 525 Ft. range = 4.8x)
Weight 0.9 lbs. (without cable)


Special Calibration Run
Calibrate Transmitter with Meter / Display
1/2" NPT Conduit Adapter