PT Series

PT199 Pressure sensor

PT199 Pressure sensor

The PT199 pressure sensor is designed to measure pressure on turbine systems. Provides information on pressure or temperature in gas or fuel systems such as gas turbines to regulate gas or fuel flow.

PT199 Pressure sensor

PT199 Pressure sensor


Pressure range:
0-15 psi to 0-1500 psi
± 0.25% FSO, (Including linearity, repeatability and hysteresis)
Overload capacity:
2 x nominal pressure
  Sensor diaphragm: 15-5 SS
  Sensor connection: 1/2 "NPT male thread or 3/8" pipe
  Pressure fuse: with fuse 6 x total sensor range. max 3000 bar
  Sensor construction: Sensor measuring head without process adapter
construction material 303, 304 stainless steel


Max. sensor temperature:
76.7°C max
Zero shift (due to temperature):
It depends on the range
  Max. sensor body temperature: 80°C
  Zero shift (due to temperature) It depends on the range
  Displacement sensitivity (due to temperature) It depends on the range


Power supply:
10 Vdc recommended, maximum 15 Vdc
± 12 Vdc for explosion-proof units approved
FM 28 Vdc max.

Output signal:
4-wire 0-5 Vdc
  Connector: 3/8 FLARED TUBE FITTING PER MS33656-6, 4 CONDUCTOR CABLE 40 in [102 cm ] MINIMUM LENGTH



Certification & Approval

EU Declaration of Conformity

ISO 9001:2015

EAC - The Eurasian Conformity mark 

GOST Approval 

RoHS Compliance Fact Sheet

Safety Integrity Level - SIL2