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Sartorius Quintix digital scales

Sartorius Quintix digital scales

Sartorius Quintix digital scales

Belongs to the group of scales with touch control. The biggest advantage of the Quintix series is easy operation via a color touch screen. Serious applications are clearly displayed with icons, as is usual today for "smart devices". Another plus of this series is excellent data communication. Each Quintix balance is equipped with a mini USB data output with Plug & Play technology, which enables direct transfer of weighed values ​​and calibration protocols to the most used Microsoft Office office programs (MS Word and MS Excel) without the need to install additional special software for communication between the balance. a PC. Unlike the Secura series, the Quintix series is leveled using a standard analog level, and the leveling status is not monitored by optoelectronic sensors. The Quintix series is not equipped with the APC Advance Pharma Compilance package). These are the two main differences between the Secura and Quintix series, which are similar in design.

Quintix - Basic properties and description

Color touch screen with display of numbers, icons and symbols
Classic manual leveling with the help of an analog spirit level in the front panel
Three-sided opening glass draft shield
Round weighing pan with a diameter of 90 mm
Automatic internal calibration including isoCAL function
Direct data transfer to MS Office programs (MS Excel, MS Word)
Programmable interval for automatic data sending
Possibility to lock the balance menu, prevents unwanted user changes
Ready for bottom weighing
Bi-directional mini USB data output with Plug & Play technology (certified by Microsoft)

Automatic isoCAL calibration

The isoCAL automatic calibration function ensures motor calibration and adjustment with internal calibration weights even without user intervention based on a set time interval or when the ambient temperature changes. The isoCAL function thus ensures, in particular, the long-term repeatability of the achieved results. The isoCAL calibration starts in the following cases:

a) Calibration can be started manually by the user

b) Each Secura and Quintix balance automatically starts an internal calibration after a set time interval, which varies according to the specific type of balance (4 - 24 hours). Therefore, the user cannot forget to calibrate the balance. The balance always finds "its moment" when the weighing is not in progress and starts the internal calibration itself. If it detects a deviation during calibration, it performs a so-called adjustment, ie it corrects the detected deviation back to the zero value.

c) It has been shown that a change in ambient temperature can adversely affect the weighed results. Opening a window near the scale or starting the air conditioner in the summer months can impair the accuracy or repeatability of the results. To prevent this, some Sartorius scales (eg Quintix, Secura, Cubis) are equipped with a temperature sensor that monitors for sharp fluctuations in ambient temperature. When the temperature changes by 1.5 - 4 ° Kelvin (depending on the settings of the specific model), the balance automatically activates the internal calibration and if it finds a deviation, it corrects it back to zero. If weighing is in progress, the balance displays a request to the user to start an internal calibration, which the user can either confirm or postpone. The Secura and Cubis balances store the results of all calibration protocols in the internal memory, so that the user can search them back by date at any time to prove the status of the balance at the time he achieved the weighed results. The Quintix series displays only the latest calibration protocol and is not equipped with an internal memory for data storage.

∗ The initial verification by the manufacturer (brand) is valid in the EU for at least 2 years. Then it is possible to verify the weight at CMI (Czech Metrology Institute). The purchased certified balance can be used as a "statutory meter" immediately after calibration.

Inquiry system 

Configure your own device, according to your requirements and needs. If you are not sure about the configuration, make the necessary information about the processed materials in the notes. Thanks to this information, we are able to create several offers depending on the equipment and after consultation you can choose according to your needs. If you need a comparison for tenders, we will be happy to help you find an alternative product from the Dynisco portfolio.

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us.

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Standard models

Quintix 64-1S
 Quintix 124-1S  Quintix 224-1S
0,1 mg
 0,1 mg  0,1 mg
Max. load:
  60 g
 120 g  220 g
Repeatability: 0,1 mg  0,1 mg  0,1 mg
Linearity: 0,2 mg  0,2 mg  0,2 mg
Settling time: 2 s  2 s 3 s

Proven models *

Quintix 64-1CEU
 Quintix 124-1CEU Quintix 224-1CEU
0,1 mg
 0,1 mg  0,1 mg
Verified piece (s):
 1 mg
1 mg 1 mg
Max. load:  60 g   120 g   220 g
Stabilization time: 0,2 mg  0,2 mg  0,2 mg
Minimum weight
(USP) typical
82 mg  82 mg 82 mg

∗ The initial verification by the manufacturer (brand) is valid in the EU for at least 2 years. Then it is possible to verify the weight at CMI (Czech Metrology Institute). The purchased certified balance can be used as a "statutory meter" immediately after calibration.

Wskaźnik szybkości płynięcia LMFI55-2NENNNN

Melt Flow Indexer serii LMFI5500 umożliwia pomiar większości parametrów reologicznych tworzyw termoplastycznych, w tym IV dla PET. Seria LMFI 5500 jest jednym z najdokładniejszych urządzeń tego typu na świecie. Intuicyjne sterowanie ułatwia obsługę, posiada tryb ekspercki dla doświadczonych operatorów, który znacznie przyspiesza proces pomiaru, a zaawansowane funkcje i technologie zapewniają najwyższą możliwą dokładność pomiaru. Korekcja grawitacyjna i dwustrefowe ogrzewanie nie tylko spełniają, ale wręcz przewyższają wymagania najnowszej normy ISO1133-2.
Ten model jest idealny do kontroli jakości w laboratorium, instytutach lub uniwersytetach, gdzie dokładność naprawdę ma znaczenie. Wypróbuj LMFI 5500 i zyskaj niezawodny i dokładny instrument, który pozwoli Ci poprawić jakość Twoich produktów.

Wskaźnik szybkości płynięcia LMFI55-2NENNCN

This LMFI5500 series Melt Flow Indexer allows the measurement of most rheological parameters of thermoplastics including IV for PET. The LMFI 5500 series is one of the most accurate equipment of the type in the world. The intuitive controls make it easy to use, it has an expert mode for experienced operators that significantly speeds up the measurement process, and sophisticated features and technologies ensure the highest possible measurement accuracy. Gravity correction and dual zone heating not only meet but exceed the requirements of the latest ISO1133-2 valid standard.
This model is perfect for quality control in a laboratory, institutes or universities where accuracy really matters. Try the LMFI 5500 and get a reliable and accurate instrument that will allow you to improve the quality of your products.

Wskaźnik szybkości płynięcia LMI 5000


Model ten zawiera wiele kluczowych elementów i opcji, które zapewnią Ci codzienną pracę. Dzięki kolorowemu ekranowi dotykowemu obsługa urządzeń jest bardziej intuicyjna i łatwiejsza niż dotychczas, solidna konstrukcja i wysoka dokładność sprawiają, że jest to idealny pomocnik.

Plastometr do wytłaczania kapilarnego spełniający międzynarodowe normy ASTM D1238 i D3364, ISO 1133, BS 2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210.