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Dynisco Galaxy V Capillary Rheometer

Capillary Rheometer Galaxy V

The Galaxy V capillary rheometer is a full-fledged laboratory device designed primarily for beginning laboratories or basic flow curve measurements. The device is made in the USA by Kayeness later Dynisco. The device is in perfect condition, calibrated and we provide a guarantee for its function.
The device also includes a computer with the Windows XP operating system. The system is fully functional and calibrated. The rheometer provides accurate results and we guarantee warranty and service.

Inquiry system 

We also offer used or demonstration devices. We guarantee all devices and their condition. These are devices used at the trade fair, presentation at the customer or used devices by the customer, which have been replaced by newer ones. We are of the opinion that a properly functioning device, although of an older date of manufacture, does not belong to scrap metal. Even these devices will find their owners very quickly, who will be able to test and analyze polymeric materials with a high-quality and reliable device at a very low acquisition cost. If you are not interested in used equipment, contact us ... we will be happy to help you find an alternative product from the Dynisco range. If your request is urgent, let us know, we will do our best to help you resolve this situation as quickly as possible. If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Dynisco Configuration Code:

Capillary rheometer LCR 7000

The new LCR 7000 Capillary Rheometer range offers a number of new features and meets the requirements of 24-hour operation while maintaining the highest possible accuracy, repeatability and sensitivity. The LCR series rheometers are versatile and easy to use, but offer the most complex methods for polymer characterization, data analysis and reporting capabilities. The LCR series can be used with a standard load cell and a pressure transducer mounted in the rheometer chamber.

Meets standards:
DIN ISO-11433, DIN-53014, DIN-54811, ASTM-D3835