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High-capacity injection molding machines for pallets - Ettlinger

High-capacity injection molding machines for pallets

Ettlinger injection molding machines are the ideal solution for the production of pallets from various raw materials from virgin to recycled material, everything can be processed without any problems. Even complex pallet geometries with a closed deck can be produced with relatively small clamping forces. In addition to fully hydraulic machines, we can also supply hybrid models with an electrically driven plasticizing unit for even shorter cycle times and higher overall productivity.

Plastic pallets are used for various logistics tasks. The spectrum ranges from simple non-returnable pallets made from 100% recycled plastic to complex, returnable types made from virgin material, for example for the chemical and beverage industries.

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Very high shot volumes of up to 180,000 cm3 and energy-efficient hybrid drive technology – thanks to this combination, Ettlinger injection molding machines are the perfect solution for manufacturing large manhole systems.

Ettlinger machines have a unique technical advantage in this particular application: the frame specially developed for holding and flexibly positioning core pullers. It turns the core pullers into an integral part of the machine. Separate pullers are no longer required for the numerous individual molds – leading to a significant, sustainable reduction in production costs.

During the past few years, accessible manholes 1000 mm in diameter have played an increasingly important role in the wastewater management industry when it comes to inspecting pipework. These manhole systems have a modular structure comprised of an entrance cone, shaft ring, and shaft bottom with port openings for the pipes; they frequently have an overall height of several meters.