DuroLifter OS-3-OO

DuroLifter OS-3-OO

The Hildebrand Durometer Operating Stand Model OS-3-OO is a fully automatic system for Durometer hardness testing. The system consists of an Operating Stand Model OS-3 incl. Holder for Durometer OO and the operating panel DuroLifter.


Operating Stand OS-3:
A stepping motor raises and lowers the Durometer including weight. Therefore the speed of the Durometer to the sample will always be the same. Subjective test errors are eliminated. Analogue and digital Durometers can be used. Due to the rack and handwheels the Durometer-unit can be easily adjusted in height. The Durometerunit is equipped with an anti-swivel unit.

Operating panel with the functions START/STOP. Preset measuring time from 1 to 99 s for analogue Durometers. A foot switch is optional.