Manual screen changer and plate screen changer for filtration solutions and extrusion processes - HSC


Manual screen changers from MAAG have been the first choice of cost-effective filtration systems in extrusion lines for many years. Starting at size 45, the manual screen changers optionally come with transmission gearing. Here, the breaker plate of the plate screen changer is equipped with
patented gearing and a pinion which allows an effortless screen change even in restricted space conditions or high sealing pressures. The manual screen changer guarantees the protection of gear pumps and fine extrusion die gaps in filtration solutions from damage and the accumulation of soil.

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Throughput rate [kg/h] 20 – 1100
Operation method diskontinuierlich
Required heating output [kw] 0,7– 8,4
Filter surface [cm²] 3 – 201
  Number of sieve cavities 2
Screen diameter/length 20 to 160 mm
Filtration area 3 cm2 to 201 cm2
Mounting Compact mounting dimensions, all positions possible


Flat films
Foam films
Blown films
  Blown mouldings


Breaker Plate with Diverter Valve function
Coated flow channels
Stainless steel design


Connection adapters
Base frames
Screen plates
High-pressure breaker plate