Dry cut

Dry cut pelletizing systems for utmost flexibility during production – PRIMO E

PRIMO 100/200 E

The dry cut strand pelletizers of the PRIMO E series are characterized by maximum fl exibility. Variable system confi gurations allow for optimal matching with your specifi c production requirements and also provide utmost fl exibility in terms of product changeover. The cylindrical pellets convince with their consistently high quality and are idealy suitable for further processing.

Functioning of the WSG systems Polymer strands extruded from a die head 01 pass through the cooling trough 02. The air knife 03 ensures effective strand drying prior to cutting. The residual moisture after strand drying evaporates in the evaporation section. The feed tools of the strand pelletizer 04 catch the polymer strands and direct them to the cutting tools where the strands are cut into pellets. The pellets are classifi ed, cooled, and conveyed in subsequent operations 05. The cooling water is fi ltered and temperature controlled in a process water unit 06 and then returned to the cooling trough.

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  Operating width: 100 mm 200 mm
  Drive system: AC motor with belt drive
Drive power: 5,5 kW 7,5 kW
Feeding speed with 3 mm granulate length: 30-120 m/min
Number of strands at 75% occupancy density and 3 mm granulate diameter: 20 40

Throughput rates [kg / h] *:

Throughput rates [kg / h] *: Density [g/cm3]



PP, PE: 0,91 750 1500
  GPPS, SAN: 1,04 750 1500
  ABS, HIPS: 1,04 750 1500
  PMMA: 1,18 750 1500
PET, PBT: 1,31 600 1200
PA 6, PA 6.6: 1,14 600 900 (30)
PET, PBT, PA, PP + 15 bis 50 % Glasfaser: 1,00 570 (16)  780 (22)
1,55 800 (16) 1100 (22)
Thermoplastische Elastomere: 1,10 750 1500
Masterbatch ab 40 % Füllgrad: 1,30 750 1500
* With 3 mm pellet length and 3 mm pellet diameter and maximum number of strands.