Dry cut

Dry cut pelletizing systems for utmost flexibility during production – PRIMO E

PRIMO 60/120 E

Successfully applied by hundreds of customers, the proven WSG dry-cut strand pelletizing systems with PRIMO E pelletizers produce the highest quality of cylindrical pellets or microgranular compounds that are ideal for further processing for strand pelletizing and dry cut pelletizing systems. Variable system configurations allow for optimal matching with your specific production requirements and also provide utmost flexibility for product changeovers.

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Configure your own product according to your requirements and needs. If you are unsure of the configuration, provide us in the notes the necessary information about the existing sensor or product, even a competitor. We will be happy to help you find an alternative MAAG products. If your request is urgent, let us know. We will do our best to help you resolve this situation to your satisfaction as quickly as possible. If we have all the information, we are able to offer a model with minor differences.

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    PRIMO 60 E PRIMO 120 E
Operating width: 60 mm 120 mm
Drive system: AC motor with belt drive AC motor with belt drive
  Motor power of pelletize: 2,2 kW  4,0 kW
  Line speed at pellet length of 3 mm: 20-90 m/min 20-90 m/min
  No. of strands at a 75 % utilization rate and a pellet diameter of 3 mm: 10 16
  Throughput rates 
  Product: Density [g/cm3]



  PP, PE: 0,91 350 750
  GPPS, SAN: 1,04 400 750
  ABS, HIPS: 1,04 400 750
  PMMA: 1,18 450 750
  PET, PBT: 1,31 500 600
  PA 6, PA 6.6: 1,14 425 510
  PET, PBT, PA, PP + 15 bis 50 % glass fi ber: 1,00 375 375
  1,55 500 500
  Thermoplastic elastomers: 1,30 425 750
  Masterbatch from 40% of the fulfillment level: 1,30 500 750
  * Pellet length 3 mm, pellet diameter 3 mm, and maximum number of strands