Dry cut

Strand pelletizing and dry cut pelletizing application – SGS 600-L / SGS 800-L / SGS 1000-L

SGS 600-L / SGS 800-L / SGS 1000-L

The strand pelletizers of the SGS series are a development from Scheer for the production of pellets from thermoplastics. Their robust design, paired with outstanding workmanship, makes the SGS series a top-quality product in strand pelletizing and dry cut pelletizing technology. Some of the practical features which characterize these machines are a deposit-free interior, dual-shell design, forced cutting of all strands, bearings outside the cutting area, and a variable-speed drive. The serial production of optional components allows a variety of combination possibilities, which can be used to adapt the SGS to each individual application.

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Pellrtizer Type: SGS 600 SGS 800 SGS 1000
Working width: mm 600 800 1000
Strand speed1 : m/min 30-120 30-90 30-90
max. No. of Strands2 : ca. 150 200 250
Power: kW 11 15 18,5
Type of Drive: měnič
PRODUCT Spec. Gravity (g/cm3 ) Throughput kg/h Pellet Dimensions (mm), Ø 3 x 3 longss
PP, PE 0,90 1715 2575 3435
PA 11, P 12 1,0 1905 2860 3815
PMMA, GPPS, SAN, ASA  1,05 2000 3005 4005
HIPS, ABS 1,05 2000 3005 4005
PA6 n.e (dia 2,5 x 2,5 mm long) 1,10 4665 160 Strands 6120 210 Strands 7725 265 Strands
PUR 1,10 2095 3145 4195
PA6.6 1,15 1970 2960 3725
PET, PBT, PC 1,20 2060 3090 3890
PET, PBT, PC, PA6.6, PA6 +15 - 50 & GF 1,30 1980 2790 3470