Model 848 Pressure Transmitter

Model 848 Pressure Transmitter

848 is a mv/V output, oil fill sensor with hazardous location approvals. In ranges from 1.5 to 5K, the 848 is available in Vacuum, Absolute and Gage formats to cover a broad spectrum of applications.

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  Full Scale Pressure Ranges 0-3 thru 0-5000 PSIG, PSIS
0-15 thru 0-5000 PSIA
.0-15 PSIV*
Linearity (Best Fit Straight Line) ≤ ±0.25%
Hysteresis ± 0.05% FSO
  Repeatability ± 0.05% FSO
Full Scale Output (FSO) mV/V
Zero Balance ≤ ±1% FSO
Long Term Stability ≤±0.25% FSO per 6 months
Response Time ≤ 1 mSec to reach 90% FSO
Temperature Effect on Zero ≤±1% FSO per 100°F (37°C)
Temperature Effect on Span ≤±1% FSO per 100°F (37°C)
  Compensated Temperature 32°F to 180°F (0°C to 82°C)
  Operating Temperature -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
  Storage Temperature Limits -65°F to 250°F (-54°C to 121°C)
  * For PSIV and Compound Range units: Temperature Effect on Zero ≤±3.0% per 100°F
Compensated Temperature Range 32°F to 170°F (0°C to 77°C
  Output signal 5 mv/V
Approved units mayhave an additional .19" housing length for vacuum and compound ranges
NG and NY hazardous location approval option codes are not available on vacuum and compound range unit


Supply Voltage:
15 Vdc max
Power Supply Regulation Effect
≤±0.05% FSO per Volt
Output Signal
3 to 5 PSI: 5 mV/V
10 PSI and up: 10 mV/
Circuit Protection Output may be short-circuited indefinitely. Input polarity may be reversed. Over voltage protected to 1000 volts. <1 msec duration
Insulation Resistance <5nS Conductance
Electrical Connection 1/2" NPT (M), 18 AWG wire, 72" lon
Wire Color Codes

Red +Power

Black +Signal

Green -Power

White -Signal

Brown Case Ground


Enclosure Materials
304 and 316 stainless steel
Wetted Materials
316 Stainless Steel
Laser etched onto body
  Mounting May be supported by pressure connection


Pressure Connection:
1/4" - 18 NPT Female 1/4" - 18 NPT Female (0-3.3 thru 0-1034 bar
Proof Pressure:
<=500 PSI lesser of 3x or 1200 PSI
>=500 PSI lesser of 5x or 10K PS
Burst Pressure:
<=500 PSI lesser of 5x or 2400 PSI
>=500 PSI lesser of 5x or 10K PS
Weight 10 oz.


Model RM570 Pressure Transmitter

4-20 mA, 0-100 Bar thru 0-350 Bar

RM 570 transmitters provide a rugged, sealed solution for the harsh industrial environments found in Rolling Mills and the metals industry.

Model 770 Pressure Transmitter

0-5 Vdc output, Hazardous Location Approvals, 0-100 thru 100K psi

770 uses a solid machined diaphragm sensor, which provides excellent durability and repeatability. 770 has both IS and Explosion Proof approvals, and can measure pressures up to 100K psi. A wide variety of wetted surface materials, process connections and electrical connections are available, and special wiring configurations are easily accommodated.

Model 870 Pressure Transmitter

mv/V output, 0-100 thru 100K psi, Hazardous Location Approvals

870 employs a solid machined diaphragm sensor which provides a rugged and reliable solution with excellent repeatability and resistance to pressure spikes. 870 hazardous approval options include Intrinsically safe and Explosion proof for US, Canada and Atex.

Model 548 Pressure Transmitter

mA output, 0-3 thru 0-5K psi, Hazardous Approvals

548 has the approvals necessary for use in hazardous areas. Viatran offers a variety of standard options and our ability to modify our products provides flexibility to meet your specific application needs.

Model 748 Pressure Transmitter

0-5 Vdc, Hazardous Location Approvals, 0-1.5 thru 5K PSI

748 has hazardous location approvals, optional zero and span adjustment and can measure pressures as low as 1.5 psi. Compound ranging, negative outputs, a variety of pressure and electrical connections are examples of options that are available to customize the 748 to your exact requirements

Model 571 Pressure Transmitter

Sealed External Adjustment, Hazardous Approvals, 0-100 thru 100K psi

571 is Viatran's answer to the requirement for Hazardous Location approvals with external sealed adjustments. 571 is rangeable, offering the user flexibility if measuring different pressure levels.

Model 970 Pressure Transmitter

HART® output, 0-100 thru 100K psi, Hazardous Location Approvals

Designed for applications including offshore oil rigs, oil production platforms, natural gas pipelines and rig safety systems, 970 uses a solid machined stainless steel diaphragm.

Model 948 Pressure Transmitter

4-20 mA HART® Signal, Hazardous Location Approvals, 0-1.5 thru 5K psi

948 is Viatran's low pressure HART® transmitter with hazardous location approvals. Applications include fuel tank level, gas compressors, chemical processing.