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Digital Scales - Kern PCB

Digital Scales Kern PCB

PRE-TARE function for manual reading of the known weight of the container, useful for checking the amount of filling. 
Freely programmable weighing unit (eg display directly in fiber length g / m or paper weight g / m2, etc.)
Percentage determination: allows weighting to a predefined value (100%) and detection of deviations from this value
Round dust protection as standard for models with weighing plate size A, weighing space ØxV 90x40 mm

KERN PCB 350-3 

KERN PCB 350-3
0,001 g
Max. load:
Max 350 g
  Min. mass one pcs:  0,02 g
  Weighing pan (Ø / WxD) [A] Ø 81 mm
  Linearity: ± 0,005 g
  Settling time: 2 s

Melt Flow Indexer LMI 5000

Simple and intuitive operation. The results are displayed after the measurement on the device display, the possibility to send to a USB device, Printer, or software. All optional melt flow indexer extensions can be retrofitted.

The melt flow indexer provides results in the form of MFR, MVR, Melt Density, IV, Shear Viscosity and Shear Rate.

Meets standards:
ASTM D1238 and D3364, ISO 1133, BS 2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210.