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832 Pressure sensor

832 Model

Dynisco's 832 is a universal sensor for most applications. The sensor offers highly accurate pressure measurement in the range of 0 to 10,000 PSI. Excellent temperature compensation is ensured by high performance in operating environments up to 120 ° C. Its high accuracy and robust design make it ideal for a variety of applications, such as test stands for the automotive and automotive industries up to test equipment for polymer systems.

832 Pressure sensor

832 Pressure sensor

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Dynisco Configuration Code:


Pressure range:
from 100 psi to 10,000 psi
± 0.15% FSO, (Including linearity, repeatability and hysteresis)
Overload capacity:
1.5 x total sensor range
Sensor diaphragm: 17 - 4 PH, 15 - 5 PH stainless steel
Sensor connection: 1/8-27 NPT
Pressure fuse: 100 - 250 psi: 10 x nominal pressure
500 - 3000 psi: 5x nominal pressure
5,000 - 10,000 psi: 3 x nominal pressure
Sensor construction: Sensor measuring head without process adapter
construction material 303, 304 stainless steel


Max. sensor temperature:
-54°C to + 120°C
Compensated range:
-18°C to + 66°C
Zero shift
(due to electronics temperature)
 ±0.005% full scale/°C
Range offset
(due to electronics temperature)
 ±0.005% full scale/°C


Power supply:
Recommended 10 Vdc Maximum 15 Vdc
Output signal:
3 mV/V ±0.25%
Zero setting:
±1% FSO
Connector: 6 PIN Bendix connector
Insulation resistance: 1000 megaohmy @ 50 Vdc
Resistance calibration (R-Cal): 80% of duty. range ± 0.50% of the total range


Certification & Approval

EU Declaration of Conformity

ISO 9001:2015

EAC - The Eurasian Conformity mark 

RoHS Compliance Fact Sheet